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Tom Savage (born 1948 in New York City) is an American poet most closely associated with the New York School. [1] He attended the Naropa Institute in 1976 and with James Sherry co-edited the inaugural issue of Roof Magazine. [2] He is the author of upwards of seven volumes of poetry, including; "Housing, Preservation & Development" (Cheap Review Press 1988), "Processed Words" (Coffeehouse Press, 1990), "Political Conditions Physical States" (United Artists Books 1993) and "From Herat to Baikh and Back Again" (Fly by Night Press 2014). [3] [4] He has taught workshops at among other places; the Poetry Project, the Juilliard School and Saint Malachy's Roman Catholic Church (The Actor's Chapel). [5] He has edited Tamarind magazine which has been published on and off for many years. [6]

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Elizabeth Robinson is an American poet and professor, author of twelve collections of poetry, most recently Counterpart, "Three Novels" "Also Known A,", and The Orphan and Its Relations. Her work has appeared in Conjunctions, The Iowa Review, Colorado Review, the Denver Quarterly, Poetry Salzburg Review, and New American Writing. Her poems have been anthologized in "American Hybrid", "The Best of Fence", and Postmodern American Poetry With Avery Burns, Joseph Noble, Rusty Morrison, and Brian Strang, she co-edited 26 magazine. Starting in 2012, Robinson began editing a new literary periodical, Pallaksch. Pallaksch, with Steven Seidenberg. For 12 years, Robinson co-edited, with Colleen Lookingbill, the EtherDome Chapbook series which published chapbooks by emerging women poets. She co-edits Instance Press with Beth Anderson and Laura Sims. She graduated from Bard College, Brown University, and Pacific School of Religion. She moved from the Bay Area to Boulder, Colorado where she taught at the University of Colorado and at Naropa University. She has also taught at the Iowa Writers' Workshop and has twice served as the Hugo Fellow at the University of Montana.

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Dick Gallup was an American poet associated with the New York School.


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