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Tomasa Del Real
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Background information
Birth nameValeria Cisternas
Born (1986-12-01) 1 December 1986 (age 33)
Iquique, Chile
Genres Reggaetón, neoperreo, hip hop
Years active2015–present
Labels Universal Music, Nacional

Valeria Cisternas, better known by her stage name Tomasa Del Real, is a Chilean singer, composer, and reggaeton artist. She is regarded as a pioneer of Neoperreo, a social-media inspired offshoot of reggaeton. As such, many refer to her as "La Reina del Neoperreo" (Spanish for "the queen of Neoperreo"). [1] [2]


Early life

Tomasa was born in Iquique, Chile on December 1, 1986, to an upper-class family. She studied design in Santiago, Chile. [3]

According to Tomasa, she took on her stage name because she feels her whole life was marked by her skin color, and she thought Tomasa was a way to borrow the stereotype of black women who carry fruit on their head, despite not being black herself. [4] Kids at school used to tease her by calling her Tomasa, but she eventually took to the name because it sounded both masculine and feminine. She said that she feels like "a man but very much a woman". [5]

Musical career

During her time working in Iquique as a tattoo artist, Tomasa's mother bought her a laptop. She would record herself singing and rapping with the Photo Booth application, and began uploading these videos to Facebook and YouTube. [2] At this time, she would tour the continent giving tattoos to people. It was on these tours where she began performing regggaetón at DIY parties. [3] Her reputation as a tattoo artist began growing to the point where customers all over the world knew about her love for reggaetón. Tattoo customers would invite her to record in their home studios. [2]

In 2015, due to growing success and demand as a performer, Del Real closed her tattoo shop, as she no longer had the time to attend to it. [6]

Del Real released her first album Bien y Mal in March 2016. Many of her earliest songs were included on the album, leading critics to note that despite its DIY spirit, many songs have become some of the best examples for the genre. [6]

Tomasa is a self described "reggeatón nerd", and researches the genre daily. [5]

Her album Bellaca del Año was released on May 18, 2018, via Nacional Records. [7]



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Neoperreo is a subgenre of reggaeton with some degree of popularity in Los Angeles, Mexico City and Chile. Among the most prominent acts of the scene are Tomasa del Real from Chile and Ms Nina from Argentina. Within the United States Neoperreo is more popular in Los Angeles than in Miami, where traditional reggaeton prevails. Red Bull Music has been significant patron of Neoperreo artists.


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