Tommy Zethraeus

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Tommy Zethraeus
Born (1969-05-28) 28 May 1969 (age 51)
Criminal penaltySentenced to life imprisonment.
Date4 December 1994
Location(s) Sturecompagniet Restaurant, Stureplan, Stockholm, Sweden
Weapons AG-3 battle rifle

Tommy Zethraeus (born 28 May 1969) is a Swedish mass murderer responsible for the murder of four people outside the restaurant Sturecompagniet at Stureplan, Stockholm on 4 December 1994. [1] [2] After Zethraeus and two of his friends were denied entry at the door to the restaurant, they went home by taxi and returned at about five in the morning. [3] Zethraeus had brought with him a fully automatic Norwegian AG-3 battle rifle and gunned down three women, Katinka Genberg (21), Daniella Josberg (22) and Kristina Oséen (21), and doorman Joakim Jonsson (22). [4] Over twenty other people were injured. [3]

He was tried and later sentenced to life imprisonment. [3] Zethraeus applied in 2009 to seek a time frame set for his life sentence, but his application was denied by the court. [5] However, on 11 February 2014, an Örebro court decided to grant Zethraeus his application setting a conditional parole in 2016. [6] [7] The Örebro District Court's decision was appealed to the Court of Appeal, where it was repealed.

In 2016, Zethraeus applied again for a determinate sentence. The Örebro District Court granted his application, but the decision was appealed. On 26 August 2016, the Court of Appeal denied his application, citing that it was too early to set a determinate sentence because Zethraeus' risk of recidivism in serious crime was too high. [8] He was released from prison in December 2020. [9]

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