Last updated
FateClosed by owner SAP
Headquarters Bryan, Texas
Key people
Andrew Nelson, Seth Ravin

TomorrowNow was founded in December 1998 by Andrew Nelson and Seth Ravin, [1] to provide upgrade and technical service to PeopleSoft licensees with large, complex environments. In March 2002, the company changed its business to focus on providing third-party maintenance and support service to companies licensing enterprise software.

In January 2005, TomorrowNow was purchased by SAP AG, a competitor of PeopleSoft and of Oracle Corporation, which purchased PeopleSoft in 2005. In 2008 SAP closed the company because of a lawsuit by Oracle. [2] Andrew Nelson and most senior managers had already resigned in 2007. [3]

On November 23, 2010, TomorrowNow was found liable for copyright infringement and SAP AG was ordered to pay $1.3 billion to Oracle Corp. That sum was later slashed to $272m on appeal. A further fine of $20 million was revealed on the 14th September 2011. [4]

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<i>Oracle Corp. v. SAP AG</i>

Oracle Corp v. SAP AG, No. 4:07-cv-01658, is a United States District Court for the Northern District of California case in which Oracle sued SAP, alleging that SAP had engaged in copyright infringement by downloading thousands of copyrighted documents and programs from Oracle's Customer Connection website. SAP admitted that its subsidiary TomorrowNow had infringed Oracle's copyrights and a jury awarded Oracle record-high damages in the amount of $1.3 billion. Judge Phyllis Hamilton later vacated the jury's verdict, which was based on the calculation of a hypothetical license, and granted SAP's motion for a new trial dependent on Oracle rejecting a remittitur of $272 million. In November 2014, an appeals court ruled for $356.7 million in damages, a decision which was accepted by both parties.

Vishal Sikka Chief Technology officer

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