Tony Brown's Journal

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Tony Brown's Journal
Presented by Tony Brown
Country of originFlag of the United States.svg  United States
Producer(s)Tony Brown
Production company(s)Tony Brown Productions
Original network PBS
Original release1978 (1978) 
2008 (2008)
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Tony Brown's Journal is an American talk show hosted by journalist Tony Brown. [1] [2] [3] [4] The program, which began on PBS in 1978, was the successor to the series Black Journal , which had aired on the television network's NET and then PBS since 1968 and was produced and hosted by Brown from 1970. [5]



Television talk show series featuring interviews with contemporary newsmakers of special interest to the African American community. [6]

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Black Journal was an American public affairs television program on National Educational Television (NET) and later WNET. It covered issues relevant to African-American communities with film crews sent to Atlanta, Detroit, New Orleans, and Los Angeles, and Ethiopia. The program was originally an hour-long broadcast each month. In 1971, the journalist Tony Brown took over leadership and later the series transitioned to commercial television under the name Tony Brown’s Journal. The series later returned to public television in 1982 under the new name. Other executive producers included documentary filmmakers Madeline Anderson, William Greaves and St. Clair Bourne.

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