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Tore Wilhelm Tvedt (born 23 March 1943) is the founder of the Norwegian far right organization Vigrid. He founded the organization in 1994, and was its leader until 2006.

In 2006, Tvedt was convicted and received a suspended 45-day jail sentence for violation of the Norwegian racism paragraph due to a 2003 interview with Verdens Gang where he referred to Jews as "evil murderers" and "parasites which will be cleaned out". [1] On appeal, Tvedt was acquitted by the lagmannsrett who considered the remarks to be protected free speech, [2] but the Supreme Court overturned the acquittal and remanded the case back to the lagmannsrett. The district court's original verdict was affirmed when the lagmannsrett reconsidered the case in May 2008. [3]

Tvedt is divorced and has four children. On 17 November 2009, Tvedt stated to the media and declared that Vigrid should be shut down. The current leader of Vigrid, Thorgrim Bredesen, however, claimed that it is not in Tvedt's authority to make such announcements, as he is no longer the leader of the organization. [4]

The extremist anti-US and anti-Israel newspaper Taliban Norway Magazine on December 29. 2013 chose Tore Tvedt as "Man of the Year 2013", enunciating him as "Norway's greatest and most eloquent living dissident." [5]

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Vigrid is a Norwegian organization which combines racial teachings with imagery derived from Norse mythology. Vigrid was founded by Tore W. Tvedt on 1 January 1999. In 2009 the group registered as a political party, and ran for the parliamentary election, receiving 179 votes. The organisation is widely regarded as neo-Nazi. Tore Tvedt announced his retirement on 17 November 2009, however, the organization appears to be still functioning, and still under his leadership. The name Vigrid is derived from the plain Vígríðr from Norse mythology. Apart from Tvedt, Vigrid has also been led by Thorgrim O. Bredesen.

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Inga Bejer Engh is a Norwegian jurist, former prosecutor, and present Children's ombudsman. Together with Svein Holden she prosecuted terror suspect Anders Behring Breivik in the 2012 trial following the 2011 Norway attacks.

Svein Holden is a Norwegian lawyer having prosecuted several major criminal cases in Norway. Together with prosecutor Inga Bejer Engh Holden prosecuted terror suspect Anders Behring Breivik in the 2012 trial following the 2011 Norway attacks.

The Norwegian Centre Against Racism or Anti-Racism Centre is a non-governmental organization based in Oslo, Norway established in 1983. The organization’s main objective is to achieve a socially just society through the fight against racism and discrimination. The Centre works toward its objective through the documentation and prevention of racism, racism awareness, and the mobilization of the minority population in Norway.


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