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Trinity Theological College
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Former name
Perth Centre for Applied Christian Studies (PCACS) and Westminster Theological College (Perth)
Motto"Preparing people for effective Christian service"
Chairman Bruce Dodd
Principal Rev Dr Donald S West
Academic staff
Administrative staff
Western Australia

31°56′18″S115°50′39″E / 31.93846°S 115.84413°E / -31.93846; 115.84413 Coordinates: 31°56′18″S115°50′39″E / 31.93846°S 115.84413°E / -31.93846; 115.84413
Affiliations Australian College of Theology
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Trinity Theological College, Leederville
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Trinity library

Trinity Theological College, located in Leederville a suburb of Perth, Western Australia, is an independent evangelical Christian tertiary college. [1] Its courses are accredited through the Australian College of Theology. [2] It is the recognised training college for the Anglican Diocese of North West Australia, the Westminster Presbyterian Church and the Presbyterian Church of Western Australia. [3]



Trinity Theological College was formed at the end of 1998 with the merging of the Perth Centre for Applied Christian Studies (PCACS) and Westminster Theological College (Perth). This followed two years of prayer, planning, and preparations by college boards and principals (Dr Allan Chapple and Dr Stephen Rarig).

Trinity was located at Bull Creek Westminster Presbyterian church from 1998 to 2003. In May 2004 the main campus moved to a purpose-designed premises in Leederville: "Trinity House".

The faithful prayer and financial support of a dedicated group of supporters realised the dream of providing a building that would enable the training ministry to extend its influence throughout Western Australia and the world. The ministry of the College continues to rely on prayer and financial support to help it continue to grow and develop into the future.

Trustees, faculty, staff and students come from a wide cross-section of churches and backgrounds.

Trinity is the recognised training college for the Diocese of North West Australia of the Anglican Church of Australia, the Westminster Presbyterian Church and the Presbyterian Church of Western Australia. Many churches, missionary societies, schools and other ministries send people to be trained at Trinity and employ their graduates. [3]


Trinity offers a Certificate of Christian Studies in it own right, with Australian College of Theology courses ranging from undergraduate diplomas to postgraduate degrees.


The main campus, 'Trinity House', is in Leederville 5 kilometres from the Perth CBD. [4]

The library collection has more than 25,000 items. [5]

Notable alumni

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