Triple Feature

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Triple Feature
Chapbook cover.jpg
Author Joe R. Lansdale
Cover artist Glenn Chadbourne
CountryUnited States
Genre Mystery, short story collection,
Publisher Subterranean Press
Publication date
Media typePrint hardcover, limited edition chapbook
ISBN 1-892284-55-3
Preceded by Private Eye Action, As You Like It (1998) 
Followed by The Long Ones: Nuthin' But Novellas (2000) 

Triple Feature is a collection of works by American author Joe R. Lansdale, published in a very limited edition by Subterranean Press in 1999.

It contains:

The Headstone has not been included in any other collection. The other two stories were included in For a Few Stories More. [1] [2]

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This is a list of works by author Joe R. Lansdale.

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The Lost Lansdale Series is a series of four books by Joe R. Lansdale. None of the books in the Lost Lansdale series will ever be re-issued in any form including paperback. All have long since sold out.

<i>Dead on the Bones: Pulp on Fire</i>

Dead on the Bones: Pulp on Fire is a collection of novellas and short stories written by American author Joe R. Lansdale. He dedicated this work to his major influences of his youth: Edgar Rice Burroughs and Robert E. Howard. All the stories were written by Lansdale. This book was also dedicated to longtime collaborator artist Timothy Truman and is limited to 1500 copies published by Subterranean Press of Burton, Michigan. It's also available as a Kindle E-Book.

<i>Driving to Geronimos Grave and Other Stories</i>

Driving to Geronimo's Grave and Other Stories is a collection of novellas written by American author Joe R. Lansdale. It was published as a limited edition by Subterranean Press with 1,500 copies printed. The book covers a range of subjects with suspense and horror being the main theme.


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