Trouble over Bridgwater

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Trouble Over Bridgwater
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Studio album by
Released25 April 2000
Label Probe Plus
Half Man Half Biscuit chronology
Four Lads Who Shook the Wirral
Trouble Over Bridgwater
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Trouble over Bridgwater is the eighth album by UK rock band Half Man Half Biscuit, released in 2000. The title is a play on words, based on the Simon and Garfunkel classic, "Bridge over Troubled Water". Bridgwater is a town in Somerset, England; but, the similarly named Bridgewater Canal runs nearby the band's homebase in the Wirral.


Track listing

  1. "Irk the Purists"
  2. "Uffington Wassail"
  3. "Third Track Main Camera Four Minutes"
  4. "Nove on the Sly"
  5. "Ballad of Climie Fisher"
  6. "Gubba Look-a-Likes"
  7. "Mathematically Safe"
  8. "With Goth on Our Side"
  9. "Used to Be in Evil Gazebo"
  10. "Slight Reprise"
  11. "It's Clichéd to Be Cynical at Christmas"
  12. "Visitor for Mr Edmonds"
  13. "Bottleneck at Capel Curig"
  14. "Emerging from Gorse"
  15. "Look Dad No Tunes"
  16. "Twenty Four Hour Garage People"

Cultural references

Half Man Half Biscuit often make sly or direct references to celebrities, TV programmes, sportspeople, and to other tunes, lyrics and even literary classics. On this album, those identified include:

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  1. "The Trumpton Riots"
  2. "Architecture, Morality, Ted and Alice"
  3. "1966 and All That"
  4. "Albert Hammond Bootleg"
  5. "All I Want for Christmas Is a Dukla Prague Away Kit"
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<i>Editors Recommendation</i> 2001 EP by Half Man Half Biscuit

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Lets Not (song) 1990 single by Half Man Half Biscuit

"Let's Not" is a single released in 1990 on vinyl and CD by the Wirral-based British band Half Man Half Biscuit. It was their first release after reforming as a four-piece, the original band having been a five-piece. It was released as a 7-inch single with "Our Tune" on the B-side, and as a 12-inch single and CD single with the extra track "Ordinary to Enschede".

  1. "Let's Not"
  2. "Our Tune"
  3. "Ordinary to Enschede"
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