Trucks (band)

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OriginNorway / United Kingdom
Genres Pop punk, punk rock, alternative rock
Years active1997–2014
Labels Waterfall Records
Members Olav Iversen
Mark Remmington
Tor Bjarne Bjelland
Steve Ryan

Trucks were a short-lived British/Norwegian pop punk band, whose most popular release was the 1997 novelty single, "It's Just Porn Mum". The single was a Top 5 hit in Norway, and peaked at No. 35 in the UK Singles Chart. [1]





  1. "Kickin'" (Shridhar Solanki, HP Aaserud, Geir Luedy, Trucks)
  2. "The Village Bike" (Shridhar Solanki, HP Aaserud, Geir Luedy, Trucks)
  3. "Monkey See, Monkey Do" (Shridhar Solanki, Sidh Solanki, Trucks)
  4. "Easy" (HP Aaserud, Geir Luedy, Trucks)
  5. "Lovin' The Laughter" (Shridhar Solanki, HP Aaserud, Geir Luedy, Trucks)
  6. "Fuzz About It" (HP Aaserud, Geir Luedy, Trucks)
  7. "Sad Song" (Shridhar Solanki, HP Aaserud)
  8. "Psychos" (Shridhar Solanki, HP Aaserud, Trucks)
  9. "It's Just Porn Mum" "(Shridhar Solanki, HP Aaserud)
  10. "The Chasers" (Shridhar Solanki, HP Aaserud, Geir Luedy, Trucks)
  11. "I'm Okay" (Shridhar Solanki, HP Aaserud,Trucks)
  12. "Coming Over" (HP Aaserud, Geir Luedy, Trucks)

Many promo versions of the album were released, including songs not to be featured on the main album itself, such as a cover version of The Tom Robinson Band's hit, "2-4-6-8 Motorway".


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