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Achievement tracking/Social networking
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LaunchedMarch, 2008 [2]
Current statusOnline

TrueAchievements is a website that tracks player's achievements and Gamerscore for games and applications for the Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, Xbox 360, Windows Phone, Games for Windows - Live, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 and Windows 11 platforms. It is published by TrueGaming Network, which also publishes the TrueSteamAchievements and TrueTrophies sister websites, catering respectively to Valve's PC platform, Steam, and Sony's PlayStation. TrueAchievements uses a method of assessment titled "TrueAchievement" score, in addition to Xbox network Gamerscore. The site is a member of the Xbox Community Developer Program, and as of July 2019, TrueAchievements has over 400,000 registered users including the two highest-scoring Xbox players. [3] [4] In 2014, the TrueAchievements Xbox One application was made available to allow users to access several of the site's features directly on their consoles.



TrueAchievements was designed and programmed by Richard Stone, with additional design by Chris Greenhough, and launched in March 2008. It was conceptualized when Richard Stone determined that the current GamerScore system devised by Microsoft was inherently unbalanced; it would sometimes appear to offer only a few points for difficult tasks in-game, and many points for somewhat trivial tasks in-game. His solution was to allocate points based on rarity of the achievement – that is, how many other players already had that particular achievement. If many players had a particular achievement, it would be considered common and therefore have a lower score. If not many players had a particular achievement, it would be considered rare and given a higher score.

As of 2019 the website is hosted by RapidSwitch on three leased servers at its Maidenhead Datacentre, and receives 850,000 unique visitors a month and around 20 million monthly page views. [5] The majority of content, including game solutions and walkthroughs, are primarily provided by the users of the site. The site is also staffed by a number of unpaid volunteers who oversee the moderation of the user content, post news, game walkthroughs, reviews and other editorials. The website uses advertising to support its operations, as well as a paid "Pro" subscription option for users that wish to remove the advertising and gain other additional benefits.

TrueAchievement score

TrueAchievement score is obtained by taking the base Gamerscore value of an achievement and multiplying it by its rarity, resulting in a more accurate representation of skill required to obtain it. [6]

Where is the actual Gamerscore, is the number of members who are tracked as owning the game (defined as having at least one achievement for that game), is the number of members who are tracked as having that specific achievement.

An example

On 27 December 2011, The game The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim had 47,115 tracked owners. Of those owners, 25,314 of them had earned the achievement "Explorer", which is worth 40 Gamerscore. Therefore, that achievement had, at that point in time, a TAScore of

Because the TrueAchievement score is dependent on the number of people who currently have an achievement, it can change over time, [7] as more people become tracked as having the game, or more people who have the game earn this achievement.

The TrueAchievement score is displayed on user's pages, along with other pertinent information such as their Gamerscore, the number of achievements they have unlocked, their most recent achievements and played games, and other customizable information.

Despite claims by the website and its users though, this is not an accurate gauge of how hard an achievement is to get, just how often an achievement is unlocked. As most of the site's users don't get the downloadable content, some achievements (logging into a game once for 15 days) have very high ratios despite being really easy and as such have higher ratios than the infamous Seriously achievements on Gears of War (for example).


TrueAchievements has several features including:

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