True Carnage

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True Carnage
Studio album by
ReleasedAugust 7, 2001
Studio Hit Factory Criteria (Miami)
Genre Death metal
Label Metal Blade Records
Producer Brian Slagel
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Graveyard Classics
True Carnage
Bringer of Blood

True Carnage is the fourth album by American death metal band Six Feet Under. The album contains fan favourites such as "The Day the Dead Walked", "One Bullet Left" and "Sick and Twisted".

It is the band's first album to feature their modern logo on the cover, as well as their shortest album to date.

Track listing

1."Impulse to Disembowel"3:11
2."The Day the Dead Walked"2:15
3."It Never Dies"2:41
4."The Murderers"2:40
5."Waiting for Decay"2:41
6."One Bullet Left" (featuring Ice-T)3:31
7."Knife, Gun, Axe"3:56
9."Sick and Twisted" (featuring Karyn Crisis)3:51
10."Cadaver Mutilator"2:34
Total length:34:18


Six Feet Under
Guest musicians

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