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The Truman National Security Project is a United States Democratic Party-aligned national security and leadership development organization based in Washington, D.C. It serves to organize American progressives on issues of national security and foreign policy. The organization is named after President Harry S. Truman. [1] It was founded in 2004 by Rachel Kleinfeld, an international relations scholar and Democratic activist, and Matthew Spence. [2] [3]



The Project provides training and messaging programs on national security issues for congressional and executive agency staff in Washington. [1] It appoints fellows from among young Democrats interested in foreign policy and provides networking opportunities for its fellows. [1] [2]

According to Kleinfeld, the Truman Project avoids discussion of Israel policy because it is already covered by other groups. [1]

The Truman Project endorsed the For the People Act of 2019. [4]


In 2011, the Truman Project's budget was around $4 million. It has received grants from Herbert and Marion Sandler, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace and the Ploughshares Fund. [1]


Co-founder Matthew Spence remains active on the Board. [5] Hunter Biden is a former Board Member and Vice Chairman of the Truman National Security Project. [6] [7] [8]


According to Tablet Magazine , some progressives are uncomfortable with the Truman Project’s pro-military stance which they describe as "Republicanism lite". [1]

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