Try Honesty (EP)

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Try Honesty
Billy talent-try honesty ep.jpg
EP by
September 1, 2003 (re-release)
StudioThe Music Gym, Burlington, Ontario
Genre Alternative rock, post-hardcore
Label Self-Release
Producer Brad "Merlin" Nelson
Billy Talent chronology
(as Pezz)

Try Honesty
Try Honesty / Living in the Shadows

Try Honesty is an EP released by Canadian rock band Billy Talent in 2001. It was recorded and mixed by Justin Koop and Billy Talent at The Music Gym in Burlington, Ontario. The first version of the EP features black-and-white lettering on an all-green background. The re-released version has black and white lettering with a picture of the band on a red background. This EP is very rare and sells for hundreds of dollars on eBay.[ citation needed ] This recording eventually gave them their credibility, allowing them to be noticed by producer Gavin Brown, in which he soon helped them finally sign them to a major label, and to explode onto the mainstream.

A music video was produced for the song which has the group performing in what appears to be an abandoned facility. It saw moderate airplay on Fuse in late 2003.

Track listing

All tracks are written by Billy Talent.

First edition
1."Try Honesty" (Demo) 
2."How It Goes" (This Is How It Goes Demo) 
3."Cut the Curtains" (Demo) 
4."Beach Balls" 
Re-release (September 1, 2003)
1."Living in the Shadows" 
2."Try Honesty" 
3."The Ex" 
4."Cut the Curtains" 
5."Prisoners of Today" 
6."This Is How It Goes" 


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