Tsui Wing

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Tsui Wing
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Born (1974-08-07) 7 August 1974 (age 47)
Occupation Actor
Years active1999 - present
Chinese name
Traditional Chinese 徐榮

Tsui Wing (born August 7, 1974) is a Hong Kong actor contracted to TVB.


Tsui is best known for his role as Kau Chun in the sitcom Best Selling Secrets .


Television dramas

1999 At the Threshold of an Era ICAC Officer
2003 Triumph in the Skies Taiwan Tour Leader
Vigilante Force [1]
2004 Net Deception
The Conqueror's Story
2005 Into Thin Air
Revolving Doors of Vengeance Police officer
The Academy
Misleading Track
2006 Placebo Cure
The Dance of Passion Yim Kwok-Gei
Forensic Heroes
La Femme Desperado
2007 The Ultimate Crime Fighter
The Drive of Life
On the First Beat
The Family Link
2007-2008 Best Selling Secrets Kau Chun
Nominated - TVB Anniversary Award for Best Supporting Actor (2007)
Nominated - TVB Anniversary Award for Best Supporting Actor (2008)
Nominated - TVB Anniversary Award for Most Improved Male Artiste (2008)
2008 D.I.E. Nominated - TVB Anniversary Award for Most Improved Male Artiste
2008-2010 Off Pedder Bao Kwok-yan
Nominated - TVB Anniversary Award for Best Supporting Actor
2010 Every Move You Make Ching Sau-yip
Can't Buy Me Love Uncle Bo
Some Day Kwok Wai-lung
Nominated - TVB Anniversary Award for My Favourite Male Character
2011 The Life and Times of a Sentinel Sheung-ning, Fifth Imperial Prince
Super Snoops Lee Tai-chai
2011-2012 When Heaven Burns Arthur
2012 Gloves Come Off
The Confidant Guwalgiya Sing-po
The Last Steep Ascent Kwan Kwong-tat
2012-2015 Come Home Love Ma Keung
馬強 and Ma Gin
  • Main Role
2016 House of Spirits Mui Chiu
Brother's Keeper II Terri Ma Man-tai
2017 Time Travelling Officials Cheuk Wah/Samuel
2018 Who Wants A Baby Yip Chi-yuen
  • Major Supporting Role
The Learning Curve of a Warlord Law Yi 羅義
  • Major Supporting Role
2019 The Ghetto-Fabulous Lady Tik Tak-ying 狄德英
  • Main Role
2020 The Dripping Sauce Man Kai-kong 萬啟江
  • Supporting Role
The Exorcist’s 2nd Meter Tony Tsui Tung-yin 徐東然
  • Guest Appearance in Ep. 12
Al Cappuccino Chung Chi-sum 鍾志琛
  • Major Supporting Role
The WitnessGordon Yip Ming-kwan 葉明鈞
  • Major Supporting Role
Line Walker: Bull Fight himself
  • Guest Star (episode 27)
2021 Battle Of The Seven Sisters Gordon Wong Nam 王男 / Chui Ming-hin 崔銘軒
The Kwoks And WhatBen Ho Ching-fung
  • Major Supporting Role
Flying Tiger 3 Dr. Ching Chung-yan
  • Guest Appearance
2022Stranger AnniversaryKoo Lik-chi 古烈治
  • Major Supporting Role
TBAThe Perfect ManHa Chung-chau 夏中秋
  • Major Supporting Role
Secret Door
  • Guest Appearance
CommunionMa Chi-to 馬志圖
  • Supporting Role
FilmingMy Pet, My Angel [2]
  • Major Supporting Role

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