Under One Flag

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Under One Flag
Parent company Music for Nations (which was parented by Zomba Music Group)
Founded1986 (1986)
Distributor(s) Zomba Music Group
Genre Heavy metal, speed metal, thrash metal, death metal
Country of originUnited Kingdom

Under One Flag is a now-defunct British record label from London, which aimed at a heavy metal audience, particularly a thrash metal audience. They were best known for re-releasing classic heavy metal albums, from the likes of Venom and Dark Angel, as well as some original releases from both bands and other heavy metal bands. Releases on vinyl by Under One Flag are sometimes still much desired collector's items.


Rise and fall

Under One Flag operated as a subsidiary label for Music for Nations, which later took over all Under One Flag's releases and most of the bands they signed. Music For Nations in turn is a subsidiary label of Zomba Music Group. The first official release Under One Flag published was "The Force", from English band Onslaught, in 1986. In this era the CD was making a shift entry in the music world. However, Under One Flag also kept on publishing heavy metal releases on vinyl and even cassette, besides on CD. They also published a number of compilation albums, under the name of "Speed Kills…", followed by any term that would relate to a then popular metal song.

In the meanwhile, they also released the third and fourth album of Swedish black metal band Bathory, which secured their status more and more. This enabled them to sign bands from the likes of Nuclear Assault and Forbidden. Under One Flag bought the rights to a number of previously released thrash metal albums, among which a significant part of the catalogue of Combat Records. They also re-released the compilation of Death’s Fate: The Best of Death.

In the early 1990s, the popularity of heavy metal rose to a new level. Cult bands reached bigger audiences in the mainstream and parent label Music For Nations took over all activities and pulled the plug on Under One Flag. The last album published by Under One Flag was ‘’Progress of Decadence’’ from Overdose, in 1994. [1] A total number of 232 releases were published by Under One Flag [2] with a span of thirty one titles.


ArtistTitle (Format)YearSerial number
Acid DrinkersStrip Tease (CD, Album)1992CDFLAG 76
Acid DrinkersDirty Money Dirty Tricks (LP, Album)1991FLAG 59
Acid DrinkersDirty Money, Dirty Tricks (CD, Album)1991CD FLAG 59
Acid DrinkersAre You A Rebel? (LP, Album)1990FLAG 45
Acid DrinkersAre You A Rebel? (CD, Album)1990CD FLAG 45
Acid ReignThe Worst of Acid Reign (LP, Comp + 7")1991FLAG 60
Acid ReignThe Worst of Acid Reign (CD)1991CD FLAG 60
Acid ReignObnoxious (Album) (3 versions)1990FLAG 39
Acid ReignObnoxious (LP, Album)1990FLAG 39
Acid ReignObnoxious (LP, TP)1990FLAG 39
Acid ReignObnoxious (Cass)1990FLAG 39
Acid ReignObnoxious (CD, Album)1990CD FLAG 39
Acid ReignHangin' On The Telephone (Cass, EP)1989T FLAG 109
Acid ReignThe Fear (Cass)1989TFLAG 31
Acid ReignHangin' On The Telephone (7", Single)1989FLAG 109
Acid ReignThe Fear (Album) (2 versions)1989FLAG 31
Acid ReignThe Fear (LP, Album)1989FLAG 31
Acid ReignThe Fear / Moshkinstein (CD, Album)1989CD FLAG 31
Acid ReignHangin' On The Telephone (12", EP)198912 FLAG 109
Acid ReignHumanoia (EP) (2 versions)198910 FLAG 106
Acid ReignHumanoia (10", EP)198910 FLAG 106
Acid ReignHumanoia (10", EP)198910 FLAG 106
Acid ReignMoshkinstein (12", MiniAlbum)1988M FLAG 20
Acid ReignMoshkinstein (12", EP)198888561-8230-1
AgonyThe First Defiance (LP, Album)1988FLAG 19
AgonyThe First Defiance (CD, Album)1988CD FLAG 19
AgonyThe First Defiance (LP, Album)198888561-8229-1
AgonyThe First Defiance (LP, Album)1988100871
ApocalypseApocalypse (Cass, Album)1988T FLAG 23
ApocalypseApocalypse (LP, Album)1988FLAG 23
ApocalypseApocalypse (CD, Album)1988CD FLAG 23
Bad Moon RisingBlood (CD, Album)1993CDFLAG 79
Bad Moon RisingBad Moon Rising (CD, Album)1993CDFLAG 78
BathoryThe Return...... (LP, Album)FLAG 9
BathoryBathory (LP, Album)FLAG 8
BathoryBlood Fire Death (CD, Album)1990MCD 1063
BathoryBlood Fire Death (Cass, Album)1988T FLAG 26
BathoryBlood Fire Death (LP, Album, Pic)1988FLAG 26P
BathoryBlood Fire Death (LP, Album, Gat)1988FLAG 26
BathoryBlood Fire Death (CD, Album)1988CDFLAG 26
BathoryBlood Fire Death (LP, Album)1988102261
BathoryUnder The Sign of the Black Mark (Cass, Album)1987T FLAG 11
BathoryUnder The Sign of the Black Mark (LP, Album)1987FLAG 11
BathoryUnder The Sign of the Black Mark (LP, Album)19872370
Blind IllusionThe Sane Asylum (LP, Album)1988FLAG 18
Blind IllusionThe Sane Asylum (CD, Album)1988CD FLAG 18
Blind IllusionThe Sane Asylum (LP, Album)198888561-8226-1
Blind IllusionThe Sane Asylum (LP)1988100812
Blind IllusionThe Sane Asylum (CD, Album)198825DP 5346
C.I.A.In The Red (CD, Album)CD FLAG 40
C.I.A.Attitude (LP)1992FLAG 68
C.I.A.Attitude (CD, Album)1992CDFLAG 68
C.I.A.In The Red (LP, Album)1990FLAG 40
Cerebral FixDeath Erotica (Cass, Album)1992TFLAG75
Cerebral FixDeath Erotica (LP)1992FLAG75
Cerebral FixDeath Erotica (CD, Album)1992CD FLAG 75
Creation of DeathPurify Your Soul (LP, Album)1991Flag 62
Creation of DeathPurify Your Soul (CD)1991CDFLAG 62
Dark AngelDecade of Chaos – The Best Of (Cass, Comp)1992TMFLAG 70
Dark AngelDecade of Chaos – The Best Of (LP, Comp)1992MFLAG 70
Dark AngelDecade of Chaos – The Best Of (CD, Comp, RM)1992CDMFLAG 70
Dark AngelTime Does Not Heal (2xLP, Album, Gat)1991FLAG 54DM
Dark AngelTime Does Not Heal (CD, Album)1991CD FLAG 54
Dark AngelLive Scars (LP, Album)1990M FLAG 42
Dark AngelLive Scars (CD)1990CDMFLAG 42
Dark AngelLeave Scars (LP, Album)1989FLAG 30
Dark AngelLeave Scars (CD, Album)1988CD FLAG 30
Dark AngelDarkness Descends (LP, Album)1986FLAG 6
Dark AngelDarkness Descends (LP, Album)19862356
DeathFate (Cass, Comp)1992TMFLAG 71
DeathFate (LP, Comp)1992M FLAG 71
DeathFate (CD, Comp)1992CDMFLAG 71
DeathSpiritual Healing (Cass, Alb)1990T FLAG 38
DeathSpiritual Healing (LP, Pic, Album)1990FLAG 38 P
DeathSpiritual Healing (LP, Album)1990FLAG 38
DeathSpiritual Healing (CD, Album)1990CD FLAG 38
DeathLeprosy (Cass, Album)1988TFLAG24
DeathLeprosy (LP, Album, Pic)1988FLAG 24P
DeathLeprosy (LP, Album)1988FLAG 24
DeathLeprosy (CD, Album)1988CDFLAG24
DeathScream Bloody Gore (LP, Album)1987FLAG 12
DeathScream Bloody Gore (CD, Album)1987CD FLAG 12
DeathScream Bloody Gore (LP, Album)19872372
Death AngelThe Ultra-Violence (LP, Album)1987FLAG 14
DethroneLet The Day Begin (Album) (2 versions)1989FLAG 41
DethroneLet The Day Begin (LP, Album)1989FLAG 41
DethroneLet The Day Begin (LP, W/Lbl)1989FLAG 41
DethroneLet The Day Begin (CD, Album)1989CD FLAG 41
DetritusPerpetual Defiance (Cass, Album)1990T FLAG 55
DetritusPerpetual Defiance (LP, Album)1990FLAG 55
DetritusPerpetual Defiance (CD, Album)1990CD FLAG 55
DevastationSigns of Life (LP, Album)1989none
DevastationSigns of Life (LP, Album)1989FLAG 44
DevastationSigns of Life (CD, Album)1989CDFLAG 44
DragonScream of Death (LP, Album)1991FLAG 58
DragonScream of Death (CD, Album)1991CDFLAG 58
DragonFallen Angel (LP, Album)1990FLAG 48
DragonFallen Angel (CD, Album)1990CDFLAG 48
English DogsWhere Legend Began (LP)19872355
English DogsWhere Legend Began (LP, Gat)1986FLAG4
English DogsMetalmorphosis (2 versions)198612 FLAG 101
Faith Or FearPunishment Area (LP)1989FLAG 34
Faith Or FearPunishment Area (CD, Album)1989CD FLAG 34
ForbiddenPoint of No Return (LP, Comp)1992MFLAG 73
ForbiddenTwisted into Form (LP, Album)1990FLAG 43
ForbiddenTwisted into Form (CD, Album)1990CD FLAG 43
ForbiddenRaw Evil – Live at the Dynamo (12")198912 FLAG 108
ForbiddenForbidden Evil (Album) (2 versions)1988FLAG 27
ForbiddenForbidden Evil (LP, Album)1988FLAG 27
ForbiddenForbidden Evil (LP)1988Flag 27
ForbiddenForbidden Evil (CD, Album)1988CD FLAG 27
ForbiddenForbidden Evil (LP, Album)1988102551
GBHA Fridge Too Far (LP)1990?
Genitorturers120 Days of Genitorture (CD, Album)1993CD FLAG 81
HexxQuest For Sanity (12", EP)1988M FLAG 22
Holy TerrorMind Wars (Cass, Album)1988T FLAG 25
Holy TerrorMind Wars (LP, Album)1988FLAG 25
Holy TerrorMind Wars (CD, Album)1988CD FLAG 25
Holy TerrorTerror And Submission (LP)1987FLAG 10
Holy TerrorTerror And Submission (CD, Album, Unofficial)1987CD FLAG 10
Holy TerrorTerror And Submission (LP, Album)19872371
Mortal SinEvery Dog Has It's Day (LP, Album)1991FLAG 61
Mortal SinEvery Dog Has It's Day (Album) (2 versions)1991CDFLAG 61
Mortal SinEvery Dog Has It's Day (CD, Album)1991CDFLAG 61
Mortal SinEvery Dog Has It's Day (CD, Album, Boo)1991CDFLAG 61
Nuclear AssaultOut of Order (Cass, Album)1991TFLAG 64
Nuclear AssaultOut of Order (LP, Album)1991Flag 64
Nuclear AssaultOut of Order (CD, Album)1991CD FLAG 64
Nuclear AssaultHandle With Care (LP, Album)1989FLAG 35
Nuclear AssaultHandle With Care (CD, Album)1989CD FLAG 35
Nuclear AssaultSurvive (Cass, Album)1988TFLAG21
Nuclear AssaultFight To Be Free (Cass, EP)1988T12Flag 105
Nuclear AssaultFight To Be Free (12", EP, Ltd, Pos)1988PB 12 FLAG 105
Nuclear AssaultSurvive (LP, Album, Pic)1988FLAG 21 P
Nuclear AssaultSurvive (LP, Album)1988FLAG21
Nuclear AssaultSurvive (CD, Album)1988CD FLAG 21
Nuclear AssaultFight To Be Free (CD, EP)1988CD 12FLAG 105
Nuclear AssaultGood Times, Bad Times (12")198812 FLAG 107
Nuclear AssaultFight To Be Free (EP) (2 versions)198812FLAG 105
Nuclear AssaultFight To Be Free (12", EP, Ltd, Pos)198812FLAG 105
Nuclear AssaultFight To Be Free (12", EP)198812 Flag 105
Nuclear AssaultThe Plague (12", MiniAlbum)1987M FLAG 13
Nuclear AssaultGame Over (CD)1987CD FLAG 5
Nuclear AssaultThe Plague (12", MiniAlbum)19872382
Nuclear AssaultGame Over (LP, Album)1986FLAG 5
Nuclear AssaultBrain Death (12")198612 FLAG 102
OnslaughtPower From Hell (CD, Album, RE)1993PCCY-00480
OnslaughtLet There Be Rock (12", Pic)1987P12FLAG 103
OnslaughtLet There Be Rock (7", Promo, S/Sided)1987FLAG 103 ADJ
OnslaughtPower From Hell (LP, Album, RE)198788561-8173-1
OnslaughtLet There Be Rock (12")198712FLAG 103
OnslaughtThe Force (Cass, Alb)1986T FLAG 1
OnslaughtPower From Hell (LP, Album, RE)1986FLAG 7
OnslaughtThe Force (LP, Album)1986FLAG 1
OnslaughtThe Force (CD, Album)1986CD FLAG 1
OverdoseProgress of Decadence (CD, Album)1994CDFLAG 83
Overkill!!!Fuck You!!! (12")198712 FLAG 104
PossessedThe Eyes of Horror (12", EP)1987M FLAG 16
PossessedBeyond The Gates / The Eyes of Horror (Comp) (2 versions)1987CD FLAG 3
PossessedBeyond The Gates / The Eyes of Horror (CD, Comp)1987CD FLAG 3
PossessedBeyond The Gates / The Eyes of Horror (CD, Comp, RE)1988CD FLAG 3
PossessedBeyond The Gates (Album) (2 versions)1986FLAG 3
PossessedBeyond The Gates (LP, Album)1987FLAG 3
PossessedBeyond The Gates (LP, Album, Gat)1986FLAG 3
Praying MantisPredator in Disguise (CD, Album)1993CDFLAG 77
RavenNothing Exceeds Like Excess (LP, Album)1988FLAG 28
RavenNothing Exceeds Like Excess (CD, Album)1988CDFLAG 28
RavenNothing Exceeds Like Excess (LP, Album)1988102351
Re-AnimatorThat Was Then... This Is Now (Album) (2 versions)1992FLAG 67
Re-AnimatorThat Was Then... This Is Now (LP, Album)1992FLAG 67
Re-AnimatorThat Was Then... This Is Now (CD, Album)1992FLAG 67
Re-AnimatorLaughing (LP)1991FLAG 53
Re-AnimatorLaughing (CD, Album)1991CDFLAG 53
Re-AnimatorCondemned To Eternity/Deny Reality (CD, Comp)1990MCD 1065-2
Re-AnimatorCondemned To Eternity (LP, Album)1990FLAG 37
Re-AnimatorCondemned To Eternity/Deny Reality (CD, Comp)1990CSCS 5261
Re-AnimatorCondemned To Eternity/Deny Reality (CD, Comp)1990CD FLAG 37
Re-AnimatorDeny Reality (LP, MiniAlbum)1989M FLAG 32
Re-AnimatorDeny Reality (LP, MiniAlbum)1989103011
Ripping CorpseDreaming with the Dead (LP, Album)1991FLAG 57
Ripping CorpseDreaming with the Dead (CD, Album)1991CDFLAG 57
SacrilegeTurn Back Trilobite (LP, Gat)1989FLAG 29
SacrilegeTurn Back Trilobite (CD, Album)1989CD FLAG 29
SacrilegeWithin The Prophecy (12", Album, W/Lbl)1987FLAG 15
SacrilegeWithin The Prophecy (LP, Album)1987FLAG 15
SarcofagoThe Laws of Scourge (Cass, Album)1992MASS 0008
SarcofagoThe Laws of Scourge (CD, Album)1992CDFLAG 66
SarcófagoThe Laws of Scourge (Cass, Album)1992TMNF 66
SarcófagoThe Laws of Scourge (LP, Album)1992FLAG 66
SarcófagoRotting (Cass, MiniAlbum)1989TFLAG52
SarcófagoRotting (MiniAlbum) (2 versions)1989FLAG 52
SarcófagoRotting (12", MiniAlbum)1989FLAG 52
SarcófagoRotting (CD, MiniAlbum)1989CDFLAG 52
SarcófagoRotting (12", MiniAlbum, Promo, W/Lbl)1991FLAG 52
Seventh AngelLament for the Weary (Vinyl, Album)1992FLAG 65
Seventh AngelLament for the Weary (CD, Album)1992CDFLAG 65
Seventh AngelThe Torment (Cass, Album)1990TFLAG 51
Seventh AngelThe Torment (LP, Album)1990FLAG 51
Seventh AngelThe Torment (CD, Album)1990CDFLAG 51
TurboDead End (LP, Album)1990FLAG 47
TurboDead End (CD, Album)1990CDFLAG 47
VariousSpeed Kills 6 – Violence of the Slams (2xLP, Comp)1992FLAG 69
VariousSpeed Kills 6: Violence of the Slams (CD, Comp)1992CD FLAG 69
VariousSpeed Kills 5: Head Crushing Metal (Cass, Comp)1990TFLAG 46
VariousSpeed Kills 5 Head Crushing Metal (2xLP, Comp)1990FLAG 46
VariousSpeed Kills 5: Head Crushing Metal (CD, Comp)1990CD FLAG 46
VariousSpeed Kills...But Who's Dying? (2xLP, Comp)1989FLAG 33
VariousSpeed Kills...But Who's Dying? (CD, Comp)1989CD FLAG 33
VariousSpeed Kills III – A Catalogue of Destruction (LP)1987FLAG 17
VariousSpeed Kills II – The Mayhem Continues... (LP)1986FLAG 2
VenomThe Waste Lands (LP, Album)1992FLAG 72
VenomThe Waste Lands (CD, Album)1992CD FLAG 72
VenomTemples of Ice (LP)1991FLAG 56
VenomTemples of Ice (CD, Album)1991CDFLAG 56
Venom... Tear Your Soul Apart (12", EP)1990-
Venom... Tear Your Soul Apart (CD, EP)1990CDMFLAG 50
VenomPrime Evil (Cass, Album)1989TFLAG 36
VenomPrime Evil (LP, Album, Pic, Ltd)1989-
VenomPrime Evil (Album) (3 versions)1989FLAG 36
VenomPrime Evil (LP, Album)1989FLAG 36
VenomPrime Evil (LP, Album)1990-
VenomPrime Evil (LP, Album, TP)1989FLAG 36
VenomPrime Evil (Album) (2 versions)1989CD FLAG 36
VenomPrime Evil (CD, Album)1992CD FLAG 36
VenomPrime Evil (CD, Album)1989CD FLAG 36
VenomPrime Evil (Cass, Album)1989104614
VenomPrime Evil (LP, Album)1989104611
Wolf SpiderDrifting in the Sullen Sea (LP, Album)1991FLAG 63
Wolf SpiderDrifting in the Sullen Sea (CD, Album)1991CDFLAG 063
Wolf SpiderKingdom of Paranoia (LP, Album)1990FLAG 49
Wolf SpiderKingdom of Paranoia (CD, Album)1990CDFLAG 49

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Armoured Angel was a thrash/death metal band from Canberra, Australia. They pushed the musical boundaries of the thrash metal scene and were one of the earliest bands to play what later came to be known as death metal. The group was also responsible for the foundation of Australia's biggest metal festival, Metal For The Brain.

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Australian heavy metal music has its roots in both the Australian hard rock and pub rock tradition of the 1970s and the American and British heavy metal scenes. Since the mid-1980s, Australian heavy metal has been particularly influenced by foreign bands, particularly Swedish death metal, American thrash metal and black metal from Norway. Within Australia heavy metal has always remained part of the underground but since the mid-1990s many Australian metal acts have found widespread acceptance in overseas markets, particularly in Europe.

Fantom Warior is an American thrash metal band that was founded in 1984 in Union, New Jersey. consisting of John Chernack, Keith Pires, James Jensen (drums) and Steve Schley (guitar). The band's major influences were Slayer, Metallica and Anthrax. Fantom Warior had a self-distributed demo and album as well as appearing on a compilation album. Fantom Warior's musical style was said to be hardcore thrash similar to Slayer and Kreator with changes throughout their songs that mix speedcore and very heavy thrash. Their music contained a blend of speed and technical development unknown to some of the other bands of their time.

Australian thrash metal is a regional scene of thrash metal music that originated during the late 1980s.