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Type Automotive Pricing and Data Website
Founded2011(10 years ago) (2011)
FounderAndrew Tai
Radek Garbowski
Neal Shah
20 Queen Street West
Suite 2800
Toronto, Ontario, M5H 3R3
Key people
Andrew Tai (CEO)
Radek Garbowski (President)
Neal Shah (CPO)
Leslie Wong (COO)
ProductsPricing and data for new cars
Website www.unhaggle.com

Unhaggle is a Canadian automotive buying, pricing, and data company. [1]


The company was founded in 2011 by Andrew Tai, Radek Garbowski, and Neal Shah. [2] Through Unhaggle, car buyers can view what others paid for the car they want in their local area and look up dealer invoice price reports for free, which reflect the manufacturer's wholesale price. [3] There is also a paid service that gets dealers within a specific geographic area to compete against each other, to give buyers who do not wish to negotiate their best price. [4] [5] Dealers pay for the privilege of knowing you are looking for a particular car.

Early history

Before starting Unhaggle, Chief Executive Officer Andrew Tai had a job in the finance sector, working at Morgan Stanley and then at a private equity firm in Toronto. [6] In 2011, he teamed up with Radek Garbowski and Neal Shah, fellow graduates from Richard Ivey School of Business at the University of Western Ontario, to start Unhaggle. [7] The company's headquarters is located in Toronto. [8]


Average price and dealer cost report

Car buyers who are researching a new car on Unhaggle can find out the wholesale price, average price in their area, as well as relevant fees. By providing their contact information, [9] the car buyer can also choose to be contacted by a local dealer that has signed up with Unhaggle for a price quote. [10] As part of this service, Unhaggle provides free information on deals, incentives, and car specifications, and can also confirm which dealerships that have signed up with Unhaggle sell the car the buyer wants to buy. [11]

Unhaggle Premium

The Unhaggle Premium service invites dealers in a defined geographic area to compete against each other in order to provide customers with the best car price. This service is designed for people who do not wish to negotiate for themselves and costs C$99. [12]


In 2011, Unhaggle was among twelve businesses in Canada and the only business from the Greater Toronto Area to be invited to the International Startup Festival in Montreal to present to investors and industry professionals. [13] On April 17, 2013, it won an award in the TiEQuest business competition, earning first place. [14] Later in June, the company won the StartMeUp Ryerson's Slaight Communications Business Plan Competition. [15]

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