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The Union of Finnish Writers (Finnish : Suomen Kirjailijaliitto r.y.) is an ideological and professional organization representing fiction authors writing in Finnish. The organization was founded in 1897 and now has around 770 members. [1] It is led by an elected board consisting of 8 members and 4 deputy members, chaired by author Sirpa Kähkönen. [2] The Executive Director is Suvi Oinonen.


The Union's purpose is to develop and improve the conditions of writers' work as well as to promote Finnish literature.

To become a member of the Union an applicant must have published at least two independently created, original works of fiction written in Finnish. The works must be of an artistic and professional quality that allows the applicant to be considered a writer. [3]

The Union of Finnish Writers is a founding member of the Finnish Reading Centre, which promotes reading and literacy, and the Sanasto Copyright Society. [4] The Union publishes the quarterly Kirjailija magazine.


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According to Finland's Population Information System, in 2010 the number of persons with no religious affiliation exceeded one million. Nearly one out of every five people in the country is not a member of a religious organisation, and the number of people with no religious affiliation has doubled in two decades.

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Ilkka-Yhtymä Oyj is a Southern Ostrobothnian publishing house operating in Seinäjoki and Vaasa, Finland. It publishes two the major regional newspapers Pohjalainen and Ilkka and seven local/town newspapers. The parent company Ilkka-Yhtymä owns the subsidiaries I-Mediat Oy, which publishes the newspapers, I-print Oy, which is their printing house and a property management company for their facilities. Additionally, Ilkka-Yhtymä owns substantial stock in Alma Media, Arena Partners, Väli-Suomen Media and Yrittävä Suupohja. Ilkka-Yhtymä also cooperates with other regional newspapers in producing national political news and features. Its shares are listed on the Helsinki Stock Exchange; among Finnish companies, it is considered a medium-sized company. The 2015 revenue was €41.2 million and the operating profit 9.0%, with 4.8% ROI. The Group had 299 personnel.

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The Arctic Planetary Science Institute, or APSI is an independent organization dedicated to conducting science in planetary geology and other closely related fields. APSI focuses on research, public outreach, and collaboration with other similar minded parties.

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