Wattstown Platform railway station

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Wattstown Platform
Place Wattstown
Area Rhondda Cynon Taf
Coordinates 51°37′57″N3°24′55″W / 51.6326°N 3.4152°W / 51.6326; -3.4152 Coordinates: 51°37′57″N3°24′55″W / 51.6326°N 3.4152°W / 51.6326; -3.4152
Grid reference ST022936
Original company Taff Vale Railway
Platforms 1
5 June 1905 Opened
12 July 1920 Closed
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Wattstown Platform railway station was a short-lived railway station on the now-disused Maerdy Branch in South Wales.

The Maerdy Branch was a railway branch line in South Wales. Financed and operated by the Taff Vale Railway, on amalgamation it became part of the Great Western Railway in 1923. Designed and mainly operated as a coal mining freight railway, its creation and demise was wholly defined by the South Wales Coalfield.

History and description

The Wattstown goods depot opened in 1885, but a passenger facility did not follow until 1905. The station was not successful, and closed after just fifteen years. Goods activities continued until 7 October 1963. No trace of the station remains, with the trackbed having been reclaimed by nature. Only a road bridge marks the site where the platform once stood. [1]

The site of the goods depot (ST019937) is now occupied by a builder's merchant. [2]

Preceding station Disused railways Following station
Line & station closed
  Taff Vale Railway
Maerdy Branch
  Pontygwaith Halt
Line and station closed

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