Wave to Make Friends

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Wave To Make Friends
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Studio album by The comas
Released July 6th 1999
Genre Indie rock
Label Plastique Records
The comas chronology
Wave To Make Friends
A Def Needle In Tomorrow
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Wave To Make Friends is the first full-length album from North Carolina's The Comas.

The Comas formed in Chapel Hill, NC, in March 1998 as a joke country band, a sort of counterweight to the hyped No Depression movement. Before long, however, both the "joke" and the "country" parts of the concept were eliminated, thus allowing the band to develop into a quirky alternative rock outfit. The Comas' respectable 1999 debut, Wave to Make Friends, was composed of sleepy indie pop and off-kilter boy-and-girl vocal harmonies, courtesy of co-founders Andrew Herod and Nicole Gehweiler. The band's instrumental canvas proved to be larger and more eclectic than that of the typical indie group, buoying the usual guitars and rhythm section with violin, organ, and creative non-rap samples. Faced with the challenge of labeling such music, the Comas' label billed deemed the sound "stoner pop."


Track listing

  1. Tears For Trixie
  2. Sparrowheaded Man
  3. 16mm
  4. Fainter
  5. B To Chloe
  6. Victoria
  7. Execution Style
  8. Naked Cowboys
  9. Broken Camel

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