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Welshpool is a placename and organizational name:

Welshpool town in the county of Powys, Wales

Welshpool is a town and community in Wales, historically in the county of Montgomeryshire, but currently administered as part of the unitary authority of Powys. The town is situated 4 miles (6.4 km) from the Wales–England border and low-lying on the River Severn; its Welsh language name Y Trallwng means "the marshy or sinking land". Welshpool is the fourth largest town in Powys.

Welshpool railway station

Welshpool railway station on the Cambrian Line in Powys, mid-Wales, serves the town of Welshpool.

Welshpool Airport airport in the United Kingdom

Welshpool Airport is located 2 NM south of Welshpool, Powys, Wales.

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The Shire of South Gippsland is a local government area in Victoria, Australia, located in the south-eastern part of the state. It covers an area of 3,305 square kilometres (1,276 sq mi) and, at the 2016 Census had a population of over 28,000.

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Yarram, Victoria Town in Victoria, Australia

Yarram is in Victoria, Australia, in the Shire of Wellington, located in the southeast of Gippsland. At the 2011 census, the population of the town was 2,168. The town is the regional centre of a prosperous farming district. It has a vibrant community, which remains dedicated to a strong sporting culture. The town also has a strong tourism industry, with Tarra Bulga National Park, Port Albert, Ninety Mile Beach and Agnes Falls all being within a 30 minute commute from Yarram. The town is located about one and a half hours from Wilsons Promontory. Nearby towns include Welshpool, Alberton and Foster.

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Great Southern Rail Trail

The Great Southern Rail Trail is a 68-kilometre rail trail from Leongatha to Welshpool in South Gippsland, Victoria, Australia. This mostly flat or gently undulating trail goes through lush dairy farmland, areas of remnant bush and lowland scrub. It climbs from the foothills of Fish Creek up past Mount Hoddle and then down a steep descent through dense forest out into magnificent views of Wilsons Promontory and Corner Inlet, continuing on to Foster. before ending at Welshpool.

The South Gippsland railway line is a partially closed railway line in Victoria, Australia. It was first opened in 1892, branching from the Orbost line at Dandenong, and extending to Port Albert. Much of it remained in use until July 1993. Today, only the section between Dandenong and Cranbourne remains open for use. The section of the line from Nyora to Leongatha was used by the South Gippsland Tourist Railway until it ceased operations in 2016. The section from Leongatha to Toora, and a portion of the former line at Koo Wee Rup, have been converted into the Great Southern Rail Trail.

The Woodside railway line was a country branch line, in Victoria, Australia. It opened in three stages from 1921 to 1923. Most of the line was closed in 1953, with the remaining section to Yarram continuing in use until 1987.

Leongatha railway station

Leongatha is a railway station in the town of Leongatha, Victoria on the former South Gippsland railway line in South Gippsland, Victoria, Australia.

Welshpool was a railway station on the South Gippsland line in South Gippsland, Victoria. The station formerly served the small town of Welshpool. The station was opened during the 1890s and operated until the 1980s. The site of the station contains a preserved platform and the base of its crane. The station no longer contains the tiny building that was donated to Loch station. Between 26 June 1905 and 1 January 1941, a horse-drawn 762 mm narrow gauge branch line, just under 5 kilometres (3.1 mi) long, ran from Welshpool station to Welshpool Jetty. Near the former station is Welshpool Hospital.

Yarram was a railway station on the Woodside railway line. The railway opened to Yarram on 8 February 1921. After the 1940s it was the only station on the Woodside line to remain open, effectively making it the terminus station of the South Gippsland line. It closed during the late 1980s, along with Alberton and Welshpool stations.

Welshpool Jetty railway line

The Welshpool Jetty railway was a 762 mm narrow gauge branch line in Victoria, Australia. It opened on 26 June 1905, and was operated as a horse-drawn tramway, connecting Welshpool station to Port Welshpool. It had a total length of just under 5 kilometres (3.1 mi) and ran to the fishing jetty. The line closed on 1 January 1941.

Alberton Football Netball League

The Alberton Football Netball League is an Australian rules football league covering the South Gippsland region of Victoria, Australia.

Delegate River river in Australia

The Delegate River is a perennial river of the Snowy River catchment, located in the Alpine regions of the states of Victoria and New South Wales, Australia.

Welshpool, Victoria Town in Victoria, Australia

Welshpool is a town in the South Gippsland region of Victoria, Australia. At the 2016 census, Welshpool had a population of 331.

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The Agnes River is a perennial river of the West Gippsland catchment, located in the South Gippsland region of the Australian state of Victoria.