Aberdeen, Carolina and Western Railway

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Aberdeen, Carolina and Western Railway
Reporting mark ACWR
LocaleCentral North Carolina
Dates of operation1987Present
Track gauge 4 ft 8 12 in (1,435 mm) standard gauge
Length140 miles (230 kilometres)
Headquarters Candor, North Carolina
Website Aberdeen, Carolina & Western Railway

The Aberdeen, Carolina and Western Railway( reporting mark ACWR) is a short-line railroad running from Aberdeen to Star, North Carolina. It was incorporated in 1987 and operates on a former Norfolk Southern Railway branch line. It also leases track from Norfolk Southern between Charlotte and Gulf, North Carolina. It serves approximately 18 industries, mainly dealing in forest and agricultural products. [1]

Reporting mark alphabetic code ID used on the North American railroad network

A reporting mark is an alphabetic code of two to four letters used to identify owners or lessees of rolling stock and other equipment used on certain railroad networks.

Aberdeen, North Carolina Town in North Carolina, United States

Aberdeen is a town in Moore County, North Carolina, United States. It is part of the Raleigh–Durham–Cary-Chapel Hill Combined Statistical Area. The population was 3,400 at the 2000 census.

Star, North Carolina Town in North Carolina, United States

Star is a town in Montgomery County, North Carolina, United States. The population was 876 at the 2010 census.


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The Virginia Southern Railroad is a shortline railroad division of the North Carolina and Virginia Railroad, a subsidiary of the Genesee & Wyoming, with rights to operate 78 miles (126 km) of track between Norfolk Southern Railway connections at Oxford, North Carolina and Burkeville, Virginia. The southernmost segment between Clarksville, Virginia and Oxford is out of service.

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The New Hope Valley Railway is a heritage railroad in Bonsal, North Carolina operated by the North Carolina Railway Museum, Inc., an all-volunteer, nonprofit, and tax exempt educational and historical organization.

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The Durham and Southern Railway operated 56.8 miles (91.4 km) of railroad from Dunn to Durham, North Carolina, USA. It was originally chartered as the Cape Fear and Northern Railway by Holly Springs resident George Benton Alford in 1892 and construction began in 1898. The name was changed to Durham and Southern in 1906. In 1979 it became part of the Seaboard Coast Line Railroad a predecessor to the CSX system. The tracks between Apex and Erwin Junction were removed in 1981 and the Dunn to Erwin segment was sold to the Aberdeen and Rockfish Railroad who operated it as a separate entity, the Dunn-Erwin Railway, until merging it into their operations in 1990. The closure of the cotton and denim mill in Erwin in 2000 led to the abandonment of these tracks and the conversion of the right-of-way to a rail trail. The Durham to Apex segment remains in use by CSX.

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The Aberdeen and Briar Patch Railway was a short-line railroad which operated in North Carolina. The company operated a former Norfolk Southern line between Star and Aberdeen, North Carolina. The company was founded in 1983, began operating in 1984, and was sold in 1987.

The Alexander Railroad Company is a Class III shortline railroad operating in North Carolina. The railroad has 18 miles of track that runs northwest from Statesville to Taylorsville, North Carolina.

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The Laurinburg and Southern Railroad is a short-line railroad operating in North Carolina. The railroad has 28 mi (45 km) of track that runs south from Raeford to Laurinburg, North Carolina and industries south of there. However much of the track is seldom run on and used for car storage. There is no longer an interchange with Aberdeen & Rockfish in Raeford. In the past the Laurinburg and Southern controlled a number of other small railroads in North Carolina and Virginia. The railroad has been owned by Gulf and Ohio Railways since 1994.

The High Point, Thomasville, and Denton Railroad is a 20-mile short-line railroad jointly owned by CSX Transportation and Norfolk Southern Railway (NS). It was a subsidiary of Winston-Salem Southbound Railway (WSS). The Winston-Salem Southbound Railway, filed a request April 13, 2010, to merge the High Point, Thomasville, and Denton Railroad into the Winston-Salem Southbound Railway. The Surface Transportation Board published notice of this transaction April 16, 2010 to be effective May 1.

The Thoroughbred Shortline Program was a system of shortline creation devised by Norfolk Southern in the late 1980s. It involved an alternative to the typical practice of a Class I railroad selling rail lines outright to shortlines in the post-Staggers Act era. Defining features of the program included leasing lines to shortline operators as opposed to outright sales, keeping stations available in Norfolk Southern marketing campaigns, and crediting carloads delivered to Norfolk Southern towards the lease and eventual purchase of the line. The program ran from 1988 to 1991, creating more than a dozen new shortline railroads, nearly all of which are still in operation today.

The Carolina & Northwestern Railway (Ca&NW) was a railroad that served South Carolina and North Carolina from 1897 until January 1, 1974. The original line was operated by the Ca&NW as a separate railroad controlled by the Southern Railway until 1974 when the name was changed to the Norfolk Southern Railway. On June 1, 1982, Southern Railway and Norfolk and Western Railroad merged to form Norfolk Southern Railway. Choosing to use the name 'Norfolk Southern Railway' for the merger, in 1981, the original Ca&NW line along with original Norfolk Southern Railway was renamed Carolina and Northwestern once again. In the early 1950s several shortline subsidiaries of the Southern Railway were leased to the Ca&NW for operation, with these lines remaining a part of the Ca&NW into the 1980s.

Atlantic and North Carolina Railroad Company was incorporated under act of the North Carolina Legislature, ratified December 27, 1852, and was organized on January 20, 1854.

Caldwell County Railroad

The Caldwell County Railroad is a Class III shortline railroad operating over 17 miles between Hickory and Lenoir, North Carolina. The CWCY is operated by Southeast Shortlines, Inc., which also operates the Thermal Belt Railway.


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