Alan Richardson (priest)

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Alan Richardson

Dean of York
Church Church of England
Diocese Diocese of York
Predecessor Eric Milner-White
Successor Ronald Jasper
Personal details
Wigan, Lancashire
Died1975 (aged 6970)
Denomination Anglicanism
Alma mater University of Liverpool
Exeter College, Oxford
Ridley Hall, Cambridge

Alan Richardson, KBE (1905–1975 [1] ) was a British Anglican priest and academic. From 1964 to 1975, he served as Dean of York.


Early life and education

Richardson was educated at Liverpool University, Exeter College, Oxford and Ridley Hall, Cambridge. [2]

Ordained ministry

Ordained in 1928 [3] his first post was as a curate at St Saviour's Liverpool. He was Vicar of Cambo and then Secretary of the Student Christian Movement. Later he was a canon of Durham Cathedral then Professor of Christian Theology at the University of Nottingham from 1953 until 1964 when he accepted the position as Dean of York, a post he held until his death. [4] [5]

Selected works

Richardson published extensively. Among his books were:


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