Any Way the Wind Blows (film)

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Any Way the Wind Blows
Any Way the Wind Blows (movie poster).jpg
Film poster
Directed by Tom Barman
Written byTom Barman
Produced by Kaat Camerlynck
Christian Pierre
Alex Stockman
Starring Frank Vercruyssen
Diane De Belder
Eric Kloeck
Music by Magnus
Tom Barman
Distributed by Cinéart
Release dates
  • May 2003 (2003-05)(Cannes)
  • 18 June 2003 (2003-06-18)(Belgium) [1]
Running time
125 minutes

Any Way the Wind Blows is a 2003 Belgian film directed by Tom Barman, the lead singer of the Belgian rockband dEUS. The film is set in Antwerp and follows the lives of several characters intertwining with each other. Thanks to its rock music, jazz, pop and electronica music soundtrack, the film has become a cult film. [2] The theme song Summer's Here by Magnus was a hit at the time. [3] [4] [5]



Set in Antwerp on a sunny Friday in the beginning of June, eight people dream of having a different life. There is wind and music, police and paranoia, gossip, fighting and in the evening, a party.



  1. Magnus – "Summer's Here"
  2. Charles Mingus – "Mysterious Blues"
  3. Squarepusher – "My Red Hot Car"
  4. Toy – "Suspicion"
  5. Oliver Nelson – "Elegy For A Duck"
  6. Max Berlin – "Elle Et Moi"
  7. Charlie Parker – "In the Still of the Night"
  8. Young MC – "Got More Rhymes"
  9. The Kids – "There Will Be No Next Time"
  10. Yazoo – "Situation"
  11. Tiefschwarz – "Acid Soule"
  12. Magnus – "Rhythm Is Deified"
  13. Ils – "Next Level / 6 Space"
  14. J.J. Cale – "Magnolia"
  15. Evil Superstars – "Holy Spirit Come Home"
  16. Stade – "Anatonal"
  17. Aphrodite – "Lava Flows"
  18. Roots Manuva – "Witness One Hope"
  19. Herbie Hancock – "Curiosity"

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The 2003 Bergen International Film Festival was arranged in Bergen, Norway 16–21 October 2003, and was the fourth edition of the festival.

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<span class="mw-page-title-main">Zanna</span> 2011 single by Selah Sue & Tom Barman vs. The Subs

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