Babies for Sale

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Babies for Sale
Babies for Sale poster.jpg
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Directed by Charles Barton
Screenplay by Robert Hardy Andrews
(as Robert D. Andrews)
Story byJoseph Carole
Robert Chapin
Starring Rochelle Hudson
Glenn Ford
Miles Mander
Cinematography Benjamin H. Kline
Edited by Charles Nelson
Color process Black and white
Columbia Pictures
Distributed by Columbia Pictures
Release date
  • June 14, 1940 (1940-06-14)
Running time
65 minutes
CountryUnited States

Babies for Sale is a 1940 American film noir crime drama film directed by Charles Barton and starring Rochelle Hudson, Glenn Ford and Miles Mander.



A newsman exposes a doctor running an adoption ring from a home for expectant mothers.


Production notes

In April 1940 The New York Times reported that Evelyn Young was to receive the female lead in Babies for Sale. [1] Young would soon receive other lead roles in Columbia films but that of Babies for Sale went to Rochelle Hudson.

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  1. Churchill, Douglas (April 12, 1940). "News of the screen". The New York Times . New York City. p. 24. ISSN   0362-4331 via ProQuest. Evelyn Young, a child star of fifteen years ago who was known as Evelyn Jennings, has received a leading role in "Babies for Sale" at Colombia.