Bonaparte (band)

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Origin Berlin, Germany
Genres Dance-punk, electronic rock, indie rock
Years active2006 (2006)–present
Labels Independent

Bonaparte is the stage name of Berlin-based Swiss electronic rock songwriter and producer Tobias Jundt. Jundt is the only permanent member in the studio, collaborating with a changing cast of live musicians and performers when touring. Since 2006 Bonaparte performed over 500 shows worldwide, among others Europe, China, Russia, New Zealand and the United States of America. [1]


The band is characterized by their expressive critically acclaimed live performances. German newspaper Der Tagesspiegel describes the band as "A multi-ethnic group ruled by the party-Kaiser; a trash circus unleashed". [2]


Bonaparte live at Rock am Ring 2017 Bonaparte - Rock am Ring 2017-AL3825.jpg
Bonaparte live at Rock am Ring 2017

Bonaparte is known for its socio-critical lyrics as well as its celebration of hedonism. The Berliner Zeitung described Bonaparte as "analoge Bohème,". [3]

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