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Canadian Music Centre
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Chalmers House in Toronto
Canadian Music Centre
AddressChalmers House
20 St Joseph St
Toronto ON M4Y 1J9
Location Calgary, Montreal, Toronto, and Vancouver
Coordinates 43°39′57.5″N79°23′11.5″W / 43.665972°N 79.386528°W / 43.665972; -79.386528 Coordinates: 43°39′57.5″N79°23′11.5″W / 43.665972°N 79.386528°W / 43.665972; -79.386528
Genre(s) Canadian music
Capacity 50

The Canadian Music Centre was founded in 1959 by a group of Canadian composers who saw a need to create a repository for Canadian music. It now holds Canada's largest collection of Canadian concert music, and works to promote the music of its Associate Composers in Canada and around the world.

Initially the centre focused on collecting and cataloguing serious musical works, developing a catalogue of scores, copying and duplicating the music, and making it available for loan, nationally and internationally. The centre currently has over 18,000 scores and/or works by almost 700 Canadian contemporary composers available through its lending library. [1] It sells more than 900 CD titles featuring the music of its Associate Composers and other Canadian independent recording producers.

The centre is digitizing all of its scores and works. It offers an on-demand printing and binding service, music repertoire consultations, and is easily accessible through its five regional centres across Canada, and its website. It has a number of national outreach projects, conducts research, and administers several awards.

The Ann Southam Audio Archive, administered by the CMC, is the largest collection of recorded Canadian concert works in the world. It can be accessed through Centrestreams, CMC's free streaming service, via its website.

In 1981, the centre established the Centrediscs recording label, the only label devoted to Canadian concert music. It has received numerous awards, including six JUNOs, an East Coast Music Award, six West Coast Music Awards, and two Grande Prix du Disque Canada. [2]

Today the CMC has a national office in Toronto, ON, and regional centres in:

The CMC's locations are increasingly becoming spaces for performances and workshops. [4]

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Calixa Lavallée Canadian composer

Calixa Lavallée was a French-Canadian-American musician and Union Army band musician during the American Civil War. He is best known for composing the music for "O Canada," which officially became the national anthem of Canada in 1980, after a vote in the Senate and the House of Commons. The same 1980 Act of Parliament also changed some of the English lyrics. A slight alteration to the English lyrics was made again in 2018. The original French lyrics and the music, however, have remained unchanged since 1880.

Violet Archer

Violet Louise Archer was a Canadian composer, teacher, pianist, organist, and percussionist. Born Violet Balestreri in Montreal, Quebec, in 1913, her family changed their name to Archer in 1940. She died in Ottawa on 21 February 2000.

Clarence Lucas, was a Canadian composer, lyricist, conductor, and music professor.

Derek Charke Canadian classical composer and flutist

Derek Charke is a Canadian classical composer and flutist.

Barbara Pentland C.M. was one of the pre-eminent members of the generation of Canadian composers who came to artistic maturity in the years following World War Two.

Dominique Blais is a guitar teacher for various public and private educational establishments, and was also involved in more than fifty recording projects in Montreal, Toronto, Moncton, Edmundston, New York and Los Angeles.

William Eugene Beauvais is a Canadian classical guitarist and composer who has performed in the United States, Europe, and across Canada.

David MacIntyre (composer) Musical artist

David MacIntyre is a Canadian composer of opera, music theatre, choral, orchestral and chamber music, and site-specific works in dance and theatre, based in Vancouver. He is a professor of Music Composition at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver. His music has been performed in more than thirty countries.

Patricia Blomfield Holt was a Canadian composer, pianist and music educator. An associate of the Canadian Music Centre and a member of the Association of Canadian Women Composers, her compositions have been performed by notable musical ensembles throughout North America and Europe.

Ruth Louise Watson Henderson is a Canadian composer and pianist. She was the accompanist for the Festival Singers of Canada under Dr. Elmer Iseler for many years, where she developed her ear for composing mixed-choral works. Henderson also accompanied the Toronto Children's Chorus under Jean Ashworth Bartle from its inception in 1978 to 2007 and was music director for Kingsway Lampton United Church in Toronto from 1996 to 2013.

Dinuk Wijeratne is a conductor, composer and pianist, living and working in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. His work Two Pop Songs on Antique Poems won both the 2016 Juno Award for Classical Composition of the Year and the 2016 East Coast Music Award for Classical Composition of the Year. His boundary-crossing musical collaborations include ground-breaking combinations of symphony orchestra and tabla, and string quartet and DJ.

Marylou Dawes or Mary Lou Dawes, was a Canadian concert pianist. She was one of Canada's leading accompanists, chamber musicians and soloists. She trained in Calgary and Austria and won the 3rd prize at the ARD International Music Competition, Munich, for duo with her brother Andrew Dawes in 1963. Marylou and Andrew played a concert for Queen Elizabeth II and The Duke of Edinburgh during their Royal visit to Regina in July 1973. She has toured across Canada, Europe, Mexico and the United States.

Allan Gordon Bell, is a Canadian contemporary classical composer.

Eve Egoyan Canadian pianist and artist

Eve Egoyan is an Armenian-Canadian pianist and artist based in Toronto.

Michael Laucke discography and filmography

Michael Laucke is a Canadian classical, new flamenco, and flamenco guitarist, and a music industry entrepreneur. This page is dedicated to CDs, films and atonal works written for, dedicated to and recorded by Laucke.

Ana Sokolovic is a Canadian music composer based in Montreal, Quebec, whose contemporary pieces have won several awards in Canada.

Ronald "Ron" Frank Paley is a Canadian composer, arranger, pianist, electric bassist, and big-band leader based in Winnipeg.

Anna Höstman is a Canadian composer. She currently lives in Victoria, British Columbia.

Cassandra Miller is a Canadian experimental composer currently based in London, England. Her work is known for frequently utilising the process of transcription of a variety of pre-existing pieces of music.

Bekah Simms Canadian composer

Bekah Simms is a Canadian composer of contemporary classical music.


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