Carnage (band)

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Left to right: Jeppe Larsson, Johan Liiva, Michael Amott, Johnny Dordevic
Background information
Also known as Global Carnage
Origin Växjö, Sweden
Genres Death metal, grindcore (early)
Years active 1988–1991
Labels Necrosis, Earache
Associated acts Dismember
Arch Enemy
Past members Michael Amott
Matti Kärki
Fred Estby
David Blomqvist
Johnny Dordevic
Johan Liiva
Jeppe Larsson

Carnage was a Swedish death metal band whose members later went on to found Dismember and Arch Enemy. [1] The band was formed by Michael Amott and Johan Liiva in 1988. They released only one album before dissolving in 1991.

Death metal is an extreme subgenre of heavy metal music. It typically employs heavily distorted and low-tuned guitars, played with techniques such as palm muting and tremolo picking, deep growling vocals, aggressive, powerful drumming featuring double kick and blast beat techniques, minor keys or atonality, abrupt tempo, key, and time signature changes, and chromatic chord progressions. The lyrical themes of death metal may invoke slasher film-stylized violence, religion, occultism, Lovecraftian horror, nature, mysticism, mythology, philosophy, science fiction, and politics, and they may describe extreme acts, including mutilation, dissection, torture, rape, cannibalism, and necrophilia.

Dismember (band) Swedish death metal band

Dismember is a Swedish death metal band formed in 1988. They split up in 2011, but reunited in 2019. Pioneers of Swedish death metal, Dismember is now considered one of the country's "big four", alongside Entombed, Grave and Unleashed.

Arch Enemy Swedish melodic death metal band

Arch Enemy is a Swedish melodic death metal band, originally a supergroup, from Halmstad, formed in 1995. Its members were in bands such as Carcass, Armageddon, Carnage, Mercyful Fate, Spiritual Beggars, Nevermore, and Eucharist. It was founded by Carcass guitarist Michael Amott along with Johan Liiva, who were both originally from the death metal band Carnage. The band has released ten studio albums, three live albums, three video albums and four EPs. The band was originally fronted by Johan Liiva, who was replaced by German Angela Gossow as lead vocalist in 2000. Gossow left the band in March 2014 and was replaced by Canadian Singer Alissa White-Gluz but remained as the group's manager.



Carnage was founded at the end of 1988 by Michael Amott and Johan Liiva in Växjö, Sweden. [2] They released two-widely traded demos [ citation needed ]The Day Man Lost and Infestation of Evil in 1989. Plagued by lineup changes, Carnage eventually released their only album, Dark Recollections in 1990 when Michael Amott was the sole remaining founding member. The album was released as a split CD with Cadaver's Hallucinating Anxiety on Necrosis Records, a subdivision of Earache Records, and was re-released with bonus tracks in 2000.

Michael Amott Swedish guitarist/songwriter

Michael Amott is a Swedish guitarist, songwriter, founding member of the bands Arch Enemy, Spiritual Beggars, and Carnage, as well as a former member of the extreme metal band Carcass. He is the older brother of Christopher Amott. Some major influences in his music have been Tony Iommi, Michael Schenker, Uli Jon Roth and Dave Mustaine.

Johan Liiva Swedish singer

Johan Patrik Mattias Liiva is a Swedish extreme metal vocalist, most widely recognized as the founding vocalist of popular melodic death metal band Arch Enemy, as well as a former member of Carnage, Furbowl, and NonExist. He is currently working as vocalist with the band Hearse and with his former Arch Enemy bandmates in Black Earth.

Michael Amott went on to join Carcass, and later formed Arch Enemy (with Johan Liiva) and Spiritual Beggars. [1] Matti Kärki, David Blomqvist, and Fred Estby went on to reform Dismember.

Carcass (band) British extreme metal band

Carcass are an English extreme metal band from Liverpool, which was formed in 1985. The band have gone through several line-up changes, leaving guitarist Bill Steer and bassist and vocalist Jeff Walker as the only constant members. They broke up in 1996, but reformed in 2007 without one of its original members, drummer Ken Owen, due to health reasons. To date, the band have released six studio albums, two compilation albums, four EPs, two demo albums, one video album, and six music videos.

Spiritual Beggars Swedish stoner metal band

Spiritual Beggars is a stoner metal band from Halmstad, Sweden, formed by Michael Amott, who is known from Arch Enemy, Carcass and Carnage. The band is heavily influenced by 1970s hard rock and incorporates elements of psychedelia into its music.

Matti Kärki, is a Swedish singer who is best known for his work with Dismember. Before he joined Dismember in 1991, he was the singer in the Swedish band Carnage (1989-1990). The first band fronted by Kärki was Therion in 1989. He also appears with the Autopsy-inspired Murder Squad since 1993. Furthermore, he was part of the experimental band Carbonized from 1988 to 1990. Kärki appeared as a guest-singer of Entombed and sang "But Life Goes On" on the Entombed show in Sala on 24 June 1990. Moreover, he was the bass player for General Surgery during 1988 to 1990, and joined again in early 2000 when the band was temporarily resurrected to record a song for the Carcass tribute album Requiems of Revulsion.


Extended play musical recording longer than a single, but shorter than a full album

An extended play record, often referred to as an EP, is a musical recording that contains more tracks than a single, but is usually unqualified as an album or LP. EPs generally contain a minimum of three tracks and maximum of six tracks, and are considered "less expensive and time-consuming" for an artist to produce than an album. An EP originally referred to specific types of vinyl records other than 78 rpm standard play (SP) and LP, but it is now applied to mid-length CDs and downloads as well.

<i>Dark Recollections</i> 1990 studio album by Carnage

Dark Recollections is the only album by the death metal band, Carnage, released in 1990. It was originally released as a split CD with Cadaver's debut album Hallucinating Anxiety on the Earache Records sublabel Necrosis. Some of the songs were later re-recorded by Dismember. Dark Recollections is the only album released by Carnage, the band had broken up by the time the album hit the streets. It was later reissued by Earache Records with 8 additional tracks, taken from the demos for The Day Man Lost and Infestation of Evil.


Fred Estby is a Swedish drummer. He is best known as the drummer and main songwriter of the Swedish death metal band Dismember. Before he played drums in the band Carnage. Estby appeared in various other projects including The A-Bombs (drums), The Clint Eastwood Experience (drums), Daemon (vocals), and Shubniggurat (vocals), Dismemberizer (drums), Parodi (guitar), Death Breath (vocals). He has contributed vocals to the band Centinex of the album Subconscious Lobotomy. Estby also appeared as a guest singer of Entombed in 1997 during a show in Stockholm and sang "Left Hand Path".

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<i>Like an Ever Flowing Stream</i> 1991 studio album by Dismember

Like an Ever Flowing Stream is the debut album by Swedish death metal band Dismember, released in May 1991. The title may refer to the Biblical Book of Amos 5:24, "Let justice roll down like waters, and righteousness like an ever-flowing stream". A music video was made for the track "Soon to Be Dead". Since Karmageddon Records owns the rights to the album, it wasn't re-issued as a digipack disc in 2005 like every other album. Regain re-issued those digipack versions and also remastered the albums while Karmageddon released an exact copy of the 1996 issue by Nuclear Blast. Nicke Andersson, at the time the drummer in Entombed played all the lead guitars except for the guitar solo on "Override of the Overture", which is played by David Blomqvist. In 2010, the album was inducted into Decibel Magazine's Hall of Fame.

<i>Stigmata</i> (Arch Enemy album) 1998 studio album by Arch Enemy

Stigmata is the second studio album by Swedish melodic death metal band Arch Enemy. The album was Arch Enemy's first to see worldwide release, in Europe and North America on Century Media Records, and in Japan again on Toy's Factory records. Stigmata features session drummer Peter Wildoer, who had also appeared in Christopher Amott's solo project Armageddon on the 1997 album Crossing the Rubicon, shortly before the recording of the album. The album was reissued on 25 May 2009, featuring a new layout, packaging, and bonus tracks. Stigmata not only contains a title track, but a track named after their previous album as well. The Sri Lankan metal band Stigmata named themselves after this album.

<i>Black Earth</i> (Arch Enemy album) 1996 studio album by Arch Enemy

Black Earth is the debut studio album by the Swedish melodic death metal band Arch Enemy. The album was reissued on 24 April 2007 on Regain Records, featuring "Losing Faith", two Iron Maiden covers and the video for "Bury Me an Angel".

<i>Burning Bridges</i> (Arch Enemy album) 1999 studio album by Arch Enemy

Burning Bridges is the third studio album by the Swedish band Arch Enemy. This is the first Arch Enemy album to feature Sharlee D'Angelo on bass and the last studio recording to feature vocalist Johan Liiva. The music here showcases the band's wide interpretation of the death metal genre to include portions of melodic death metal, progressive metal and grindcore. A music video was released for the song "The Immortal."

Angela Gossow German singer

Angela Nathalie Gossow is a German vocalist, best known as the former lead vocalist for the Swedish melodic death metal band Arch Enemy. Her other previous bands include Asmodina and Mistress.

<i>Burning Japan Live 1999</i> 2000 live album by Arch Enemy

Burning Japan Live 1999 is a live album by the Swedish melodic death metal band Arch Enemy. Originally released in Japan only, the album was re-released worldwide in 2000 due to fan demand.

<i>Massive Killing Capacity</i> album by Dismember

Massive Killing Capacity is the third album by Dismember. It was re-released by Regain Records in 2005. A music video was made for the track "Casket Garden".

<i>Death Metal</i> (Dismember album) fourth Dismember death metal band album, in 1997

Death Metal is the fourth album by Swedish death metal band, Dismember. The fourth track, "Let The Napalm Rain", opens with a sample from the movie Apocalypse Now.

<i>Hate Campaign</i> album by Dismember

Hate Campaign is the fifth album by Dismember.

<i>The God That Never Was</i> album by Dismember

The God That Never Was is the seventh album by Dismember. A music video was made for the track "Trail of the Dead".

Centinex is a Swedish death metal band formed in 1990. They disbanded on April 12, 2006. They were scheduled to perform their final concert at an already booked show in Eskilstuna, Sweden, on May 13, 2006, but later cancelled. Some of the members went on to form the death metal band Demonical. In January 2014, Centinex was reformed.

<i>Burning Angel</i> (EP) music album

Burning Angel is the first EP from the Swedish melodic death metal band Arch Enemy. It was released on 6 March 2002. It is Arch Enemy's second release with vocalist Angela Gossow, who took Johan Liiva's place in the band. The song Starbreaker is a Judas Priest cover from the album Sin After Sin.

<i>Casket Garden</i> extended play

Casket Garden is an EP released by Dismember. It was released in 1995 by Nuclear Blast. The song "Casket Garden" is also the ninth track on Dismember's third album Massive Killing Capacity.

<i>As Blood Rains from the Sky, We Walk the Path of Endless Fire</i> album by Fleshcrawl

As Blood Rains from the Sky... We Walk the Path of Endless Fire is the fifth studio album by the German death metal band Fleshcrawl. The first album to feature bassist Tobias Schick.


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