Confessor (band)

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Background information
Origin North Carolina, United States
Genres Doom metal, progressive metal
Years active1986–1994, 2002-present
Labels Combat
Season of Mist
MembersScott Jeffreys
Chris Nolan
Marcus Williams
Steve Shelton
Cary Rowells
Past membersShawn McCoy
Ivan Colon
Graham Fry
Jim Shoaf
Brian Shoaf

Confessor is an American doom metal band from North Carolina, United States. By their technically complex interpretation of traditional doom style, they are also a well-known name within progressive metal circles [ citation needed ]. To date, the band has released two full-length studio albums.


Following the release of their 1991 debut album, Condemned, Confessor disbanded in 1994 while the band was already planning a second album, but reformed in 2002 and is still active today. [1]


Current members

Former members

Selected discography

Year of releaseTitleTypeLabel
1987The SecretDemoSelf-produced
1991CondemnedFull-length Earache
1992ConfessorEP Earache
2004Blueprint SoulEPIndependent
2005UnraveledFull-length Season of Mist
2012UncontrolledFull-length Season of Mist

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