Damaged Hearts

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Damaged Hearts
Damaged Hearts.jpg
Directed by T. Hayes Hunter
Written byBarbara Kent
Basil King
Produced byT. Hayes Hunter
Starring Eugene Strong
Mary Carr
Helen Rowland
Tyrone Power Sr.
Cinematography Abe Scholtz
Pilgrim Pictures
Distributed by Film Booking Offices of America
Release date
  • February 21, 1924 (1924-02-21)
Running time
70 minutes
CountryUnited States
Language Silent (English intertitles)

Damaged Hearts is a 1924 American silent drama film directed by T. Hayes Hunter and starring Eugene Strong, Mary Carr, Helen Rowland, and Tyrone Power Sr. [1] It marked the feature film debut of the future star Brian Donlevy.



As described in a film magazine review, [2] owing the entire world a grudge, David immures himself from society in the Everglades. An orphan, his only sister had been adopted by some wealthy folks but had died, and he was badly treated by Hugh, the son of the family. Later, in revenge he kidnaps Edwina, the wife of Hugh, and they fall in love. Learning that her husband is suspected of having slain her, she returns to her lawful spouse, but finds him with another charmer. The husband seeks revenge, and there is an underwater fight with Hugh and David clad in diving suits. A hunchback, jealous of David, intervenes and accidentally stabs Hugh to death. The Everglades hermit finds happiness with Edwina, the woman he abducted.


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