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Don Stroud
Stroud in trailer for "Coogan's Bluff", 1968.
Donald Lee Stroud

(1943-09-01) September 1, 1943 (age 79)
Occupation(s)Actor, musician, surfer
Years active1967–present
Height6 ft 2 in (188 cm)
Teri Sullivan
(m. 1994)

Linda Hayes
(m. 19821992)

Sally Ann Stroud
(m. 19731979)
  • Clarence Stroud (father)
  • Ann McCormack (mother)

Donald Lee Stroud (born September 1, 1943) [1] [2] is an American actor, musician, [3] and surfer. Stroud has appeared in over 100 films and 200 television shows. [4]


Early years

Stroud is the son of vaudeville actor Clarence Stroud (of "The Stroud Twins" team) and singer Ann McCormack. He was born and raised in Honolulu, Hawaii by his mother and stepfather, Paul Livermore. [1] [2] [4]

At the age of 16, Stroud earned a black belt in the Hawaiian martial art of Kajukenbo. [2] [5]

Stroud began surfing at the age of 3. [1] :242 As a surfer, he taught surfing while he was still in high school. In 1960 at the age of 17, Stroud won the Mākaha Junior Championship, and placed fourth overall in the Duke Kahanamoku International event. [2] [4]

While working at the Kahala Hilton beach as a lifeguard, producers hired Stroud to double for Troy Donahue's surfing sequences at Waikiki Beach for an episode of Hawaiian Eye . Afterwards, Donahue asked Stroud to move to Los Angeles to become an actor, while also serving as Donahue's fight double and bodyguard. [2] After jobs parking cars, bouncing, and eventually managing at the Whisky A Go-Go in Hollywood, he received advice on getting a start as an actor from Sidney Poitier, who frequented the club. Poitier set Stroud up with Dick Clayton, who was also an agent for such actors as James Dean, Michael Douglas, Al Pacino and Burt Reynolds, among others. [4]


1970 saw Roger Corman film Richthofen & Brown at Lynn Garrison's aviation facility in Ireland. Don Stroud starred in the production Don Stroud with Lynn Garrison's aircraft during filming.png
1970 saw Roger Corman film Richthofen & Brown at Lynn Garrison's aviation facility in Ireland. Don Stroud starred in the production

At 6'2", and around 200 pounds, Stroud often portrayed villains and tough guys. [2] [4]

Stroud's Hollywood film debut was a role in Games (1967) as Norman. That same year, he appeared in The Ballad of Josie (1967) as Bratsch.

In 1968, he signed with Universal Pictures on a five-film contract, and he took a roll in Madigan that same year. Stroud also appeared with Clint Eastwood in two films, Coogan's Bluff (1968) and Joe Kidd (1972). [1] [4]

Stroud co-starred in two Roger Corman films, Bloody Mama (1970) and Von Richthofen and Brown (1971). In the latter, he played Roy Brown opposite John Phillip Law's Baron von Richthofen. [4] Corman used Lynn Garrison's Irish aviation facility. Garrison taught Stroud the rudiments of flying so that he could manage to take off and land the aircraft, making some of the footage more realistic.

Stroud and Robert Conrad performed in the speedboat chase through Fort Lauderdale in the film Live a Little, Steal a Little, also known as Murph the Surf (1975). In the film, he starred in the role of real-life jewel thief Jack Murphy. Conrad and Stroud also had a martial arts fight in Sudden Death (1975). Stroud would have another fight with Park Jong-soo in Search and Destroy (1979). [2]

He starred in the horror/thriller Death Weekend (1976) (aka The House By the Lake), and had a supporting role in the cult horror film The Amityville Horror (1979) as Father Bolen. Other films in the genre include The Killer Inside Me (1976), and Sweet Sixteen (1983). [4]

In The Buddy Holly Story (1978), he co-starred as the late musician's drummer, while actually playing the drums live in front of two or three thousand kids brought in by buses, recording the soundtrack directly using 24-track recording trucks at the venue. [1]

In James Bond he played a villain in the film Licence to Kill (1989).

On television, his debut came in 1967 in the Barry Sullivan NBC western series The Road West as Nino. Being under contract at Universal, Stroud appeared in Barnaby Jones , Cannon , Charlie's Angels , Ironside , Hawaii Five-O , Marcus Welby, M.D. , Starsky & Hutch , and The Streets of San Francisco , among others. Stroud had many other guest appearances, including The Fall Guy , [2] Gunsmoke , Hotel, and The Virginian . He had a reoccurring role as Mike Varrick in the miniseries Mrs. Columbo [6] (1979-1980) which starred Kate Mulgrew. [4]

He played Captain Pat Chambers in Mickey Spillane's Mike Hammer and The New Mike Hammer with Stacy Keach. In the television pilot movie Gidget's Summer Reunion [7] (1985) he played The Great Kahuna, and also revised the role in series The New Gidget (1986). He also has roles in Nash Bridges (1996–2001) and Pensacola: Wings of Gold (1996–2000). [4]

In 2011, he made a brief appearance in the new Hawaii Five-0 . Stroud played a bartender in the second season's fourth episode, "Mea Makamae" (meaning "Treasure" in Hawaiian).

Personal life

Lynn Garrison, Don Stroud crash September 16, 1970 SV4.C Stampe Lynn Garrison crash September 16, 1970 SV4.C Stampe.jpg
Lynn Garrison, Don Stroud crash September 16, 1970 SV4.C Stampe

On September 16, 1970, during a low-level sequence flying a two-seat SV.4C Stampe biplane across Lake Weston, a duck flew through the propeller's arc, striking the pilot Garrison in the face, knocking him unconscious. The aircraft flew into five power lines, snap rolled and plunged inverted into Ireland's large Liffey River. Stroud rescued the unconscious Garrison, treading water until rescue crews found them almost an hour later. Stroud was unhurt, but Garrison required 60 stitches to close a head wound. [2] [4]

Sometime in 1989 or 1990, on the street in Greenwich Village, New York City, Stroud tried to help a man who was being mugged. During the confrontation, Stroud was stabbed several times, suffering partial paralysis in the face, and losing the use of one eye. The mugging victim fled. [1] :242


A partial filmography follows.



1966 The Virginian Cate"The Long Way Home"
1967 Bob Hope Presents the Chrysler Theatre [1] Greg Travis"Wipout"
1967 Ironside [1] Bains"An Inside Job"
1967The Road West [1] Nino"Eleven Miles to Eden"
1967 Run for Your Life [1] Jim Hammack"Fly by Night"
1967 The Virginian Frank Hollis"Paid in Full"
1968 Ironside [1] Albee"Split Second to an Epitaph" (parts 1 & 2)
1968 The Virginian Rafe Judson / Wally McCullough"Image of an Outlaw"
1970 Hawaii Five-O Nick Pierson"The Late John Louisiana"
1971 Dan August NickyEpisode: "The Meal Ticket"
1973 Cannon Marty Brand"Come Watch Me Die"
1973 Hawaii Five-O Tally Green"The Flip Side Is Death"
1974 Barnaby Jones [1] Chuck Summers"Programmed for Killing"
1974 Gunsmoke Pete Murphy"Jesse"
1974 The Elevator Pete HowarthTV Movie
1974 Gunsmoke Foss"Town in Chains"
1974 Police Woman Frank Asher"Warning: All Wives"
1976 Hawaii Five-O Nathan Purdy"Target - A Cop"
1978 Katie: Portrait of a Centerfold Sullie TouloursTV Movie
1981 The Fall Guy Randy Soames"Colts Angels"
1983 Matt Houston Dirk Bronson"Get Houston"
1983 Matt Houston Cord Cody"Heritage"
1983 The A-Team Deke Watkins"A Nice Place to Visit"
1985 The A-Team Walter Tyler"Knights of the Road"
1985 Gidget's Summer Reunion The Great KahunaTV Movie
1985 Hunter Sheriff Johnson"The Biggest Man in Town"
1985 Murder, She Wrote Carey Drayson"Murder Takes The Bus"
1986 The New Gidget The Great Kahuna4 episodes (1986-1987)
1991 Quantum Leap Coach"Play Ball"
1993 In the Heat of the Night Ron Griff"Even Nice People"
1993 Renegade Kattrain"Windy City Blues"
1994 Babylon 5 Caliban"TKO"
1995 The Alien Within LouisTV Movie
1996 Babylon 5 Boggs"Ceremonies of Light and Dark"
1998 National Lampoon's Men in White [1] :242Old BobTV Movie

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