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Louis Alfred Doumet, known by his stage name of Doumel, (born 2 December 1889 in Marseille; died 23 May 1954 in Reillanne) [1] was a French actor and comedian active in the inter-war years.



Having moved to Paris thanks to the passion for the southern style, which flowered at the time with operettas and films on the subject, Doumel started to appear in small music halls and theatres, entertaining audiences with comic stories from Marseille, [2] where he met other actors such as Gorlett and Rellys. Louis Doumel also appeared in various operettas and plays and recorded some discs of tall stories and Marseille jokes. [3]

He appeared in his first film in 1926 and continued making films until the Second World War. He is best known for his appearances in César directed Marcel Pagnol, as the ill-advised friend of Marius, and with Fernandel in Ignace directed by Pierre Colombier.


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