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Eddie Axberg
Axberg in a scene from Here Is Your Life (1966)
Jan Eddie Axberg [1]

(1947-07-09) 9 July 1947 (age 71)
Stockholm, Sweden
OccupationActor, sound engineer
Years active1959-present

Jan Eddie Axberg (born 9 July 1947) is a Swedish actor and audio engineer. [2] He has appeared in more than 50 films and television shows since 1959. At the 8th Guldbagge Awards he won the award for Best Actor for his roles in The Emigrants and The New Land . [3]

The 8th Guldbagge Awards ceremony, presented by the Swedish Film Institute, honored the best Swedish films of 1971 and 1972, and took place on 23 October 1972. The Apple War directed by Tage Danielsson was presented with the award for Best Film.

The Guldbagge for Best Actor in a Leading Role is a Swedish film award presented annually by the Swedish Film Institute (SFI) as part of the Guldbagge Awards to actors working in the Swedish motion picture industry.

<i>The Emigrants</i> (film) 1971 Swedish film directed by Jan Troell

The Emigrants is a 1971 Swedish film directed by Jan Troell and starring Max von Sydow, Liv Ullmann, Eddie Axberg and Allan Edwall. The screenplay is by Bengt Forslund and Troell. It tells the story of poor Swedes who emigrate from Småland, Sweden, to Minnesota in the mid-19th century. The film depicts hardships in Sweden and on the journey and is based on the first two novels of The Emigrants series by Vilhelm Moberg — The Emigrants (1949) and Unto a Good Land (1952).


Selected filmography

Vi på Saltkråkan is a Swedish TV series in 13 25-minute episodes from 1964. The script for the series was written by Astrid Lindgren, who later re-wrote it as a book, also titled Vi på Saltkråkan. Astrid Lindgren was closely involved in the filming and editing of the series, which took place on Norröra in the Stockholm archipelago. The series was produced and directed by Olle Hellbom.

Ormen, also known as The Serpent, is a 1966 Swedish drama film directed by Hans Abramson. Christina Schollin won the award for Best Actress at the 3rd Guldbagge Awards.

<i>The New Land</i> 1972 Swedish film directed by Jan Troell

The New Land is a 1972 Swedish film co-written and directed by Jan Troell and starring Max von Sydow, Liv Ullmann and Eddie Axberg. It is a sequel to Troell's The Emigrants (1971); both are based on The Emigrants novels by Vilhelm Moberg. Drawing its story from the last two of these novels — The Settlers (1956) and The Last Letter Home (1959) — the film is about Swedish immigrants establishing their home in Minnesota during the Dakota War of 1862.

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<i>Here Is Your Life</i> 1966 Swedish film directed by Jan Troell

Here Is Your Life is a Swedish coming-of-age film directed by Jan Troell. It was released to cinemas in Sweden on 26 December 1966, The film is based on a novel of the same name, the second of Eyvind Johnson's semi-autobiographical series of four novels Romanen om Olof, about a working-class boy growing up in the northern parts of Sweden.

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Stig Lasseby Swedish animator, film director, producer

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To Be a Millionaire is a 1980 Swedish comedy film directed by Mats Arehn. The film won the Guldbagge Award for Best Film at the 16th Guldbagge Awards.


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