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Edward Lucas (born 3 May 1962) is a British writer, journalist, security specialist and politician.



Lucas is non-resident Senior Fellow at the Center for European Policy Analysis. [1] Until 2018, he was a senior editor at The Economist . [2] He writes a column for The Times [3] and occasionally writes for the Daily Mail . [4] He has edited Standpoint magazine. [5]

In September 2021, he was selected as the Liberal Democrat prospective parliamentary candidate for the constituency of Cities of London and Westminster in the next general election, then expected to take place in 2024. [6]

Personal life

Lucas's second wife is the columnist Cristina Odone, with whom he has one child; he had two children with his first wife Claudia, who is German. [7] He lives in London. His father was the Oxford philosopher John Lucas.

On 1 December 2014, he became the first e-resident of Estonia. [8]


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