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Ella Koon
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Ella Koon Yun-na

(1979-07-09) 9 July 1979 (age 40)
Occupation Singer, actress, model
Years active1999–2015
Chinese name
Musical career
Origin Hong Kong
Genres Cantopop, pop rock
Instruments Singing, guitar, piano, drums
Labels Warner Music (2012-present)

Ella Koon Yun-na (born 9 July 1979) is a Hong Kong Cantopop singer and actress.

Hong Kong Special administrative region of China

Hong Kong, officially the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China, is a special administrative region on the eastern side of the Pearl River estuary in southern China. With over 7.4 million people of various nationalities in a 1,104-square-kilometre (426 sq mi) territory, Hong Kong is one of the most densely populated places in the world.

Cantopop music genre

Cantopop or HK-pop is a genre of popular music written in standard modern Chinese but sung in Cantonese. Cantopop is also used to refer to the cultural context of its production and consumption. The genre began in the 1970s and became associated with Hong Kong popular music from the middle of the decade. Cantopop then reached its height of popularity in the 1980s and 1990s before slowly declining in the 2000s and slight revival in the 2010s. The term "Cantopop" itself was coined in 1978 after "Cantorock", a term first used in 1974. Cantopop reached its highest glory with a fanbase and concert reaching Mainland China, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, South Korea, Japan especially with the influx of songs from Hong Kong movies.



Ella Koon was born in the French Polynesian island of Tahiti, of Hakka descent. [1] [2] [3] She was raised in Hong Kong and attended high school in Birmingham, England. Koon is multi-lingual and speaks Hakka, Cantonese, English, Mandarin, and some French. Koon also plays the Gu-zheng, a traditional Chinese musical instrument with 21 strings, as well as the Guitar and Piano. [4] She is not a French citizen. [5]

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Tahiti Largest island of French Polynesia

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Entertainment career

After completing her studies in England, Koon returned to Hong Kong in 2000 where she began her modeling career for various magazines, advertisements and commercials.

Modelling became her full-time profession from then on, and in 2001, she landed her first movie role in “I Do”. After the movie, she continued modelling; then in 2004 she was invited to attend a singing audition. The audition landed her a contract with Boombeat Music and launched her singing career. [4] Her first few albums – “Original”, “Ellacadabra” (2005), “Lose Sanity” (2006) and the EP “Stages” (2008) were not particularly acclaimed. But as a singer on The Voice (超級巨聲) singing "Endless Love" she impressed audiences and further propelled her singing career.

Endless Love (song) single

"Endless Love" is a song written by Lionel Richie and originally recorded as a duet between Richie and fellow R&B singer Diana Ross. In this ballad, the singers declare their "endless love" for one another. It was covered by R&B singer Luther Vandross with fellow R&B singer Mariah Carey and also by country music singer Shania Twain. Richie's friend Kenny Rogers has also recorded the song. Billboard has named the original version as the greatest song duet of all-time.

Koon also starred in the popular TVB’s drama series “Revolving Door of Vengeance” in 2005 and “Survivor’s Law II ” in 2007. In “Revolving Door of Vengeance” she played “Hoi Sum” (meaning 'happy' in Cantonese), a carefree and happy-go-lucky girl. In “Survivor’s Law II,” she won the audience again with her character as “Lily” the sassy and stylish lawyer who could hold her own in the courtroom. Besides the drama series, Koon has been invited as a guest to several TVB games shows and was a host for two food travel shows with notable Hong Kong Chefs. Indeed, her most recent work with Kelvin Pan (Pan Kai Tai) has boosted her into the pinnacle of Hong Kong entertainment business. [4]

“I Do” was just the first of many movies Koon appeared and started in. She also landed roles in movies such as My Sweetie (甜絲絲, 2004), Drink, Drank, Drunk (千杯不醉, 2005), Ice Age 2: The Meltdown (冰河世紀二, 2006), The Shopaholics (最愛女人購物狂, 2006), Without Words (地老天荒, 2006), Undercover Hidden Dragon (至尊無賴, 2006), Arthur and the Minimoys (迷你魔界大冒險, 2007), Muddy but Pure White (泥巴色的純白, 2008), Playboy Cops (花花型警, 2008), Look for a Star (游龍戲鳳, 2008), Short of Love (矮仔多情, 2009) and Ice Age 3: Dawn of the Dinosaurs (冰河世紀三, 2009). She Played the role of Merry in the Clement Cheng movie 'Merry-go-round' (2010) in which her talent expresses perfectly. [4]


In 2006, during promoting a Mid-Autumn Festival event, Ella was assaulted on stage by a man, later identified as Kalton Pan, a 22-year-old male. The man was immediately arrested and later sentenced to 9 months imprisonment. Ella was not harmed by the incident and decided against pursuing legal action against the man. [6]

On September 2014, Ella was diagnosed with Bell's Palsy, which made her right side of her face paralyzed. [7]



2000I DoMichelle Chung
2004My SweetieSea Ko
2005Crazy N' the CityChris's ex-girlfriend
2005 Drink, Drank, Drunk "Big Sister" beer girl
2006 The Shopaholics Ding Ding-dong
2006 Without Words Snow Yip
2006Undercover Hidden Dragon36
2006 Ice Age: The Meltdown cantonese dub
2006 The Heavenly Kings cameo (uncredited)
2007 Arthur and the Invisibles cantonese dub
2007Muddy but Pure White
2008Playboy Copspolicewoman
2009 Look for a Star Chihuahua
2009 Short of Love secretary
2009 Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs cantonese dub
2009 Rebellion undercover cop
2010 Here Comes Fortune
2010 Just Another Pandora's Box Diao Chan
2010 Perfect Wedding
2010Merry-Go-RoundMerry / Young Eva
2016 House of Wolves
2004 Sunshine Heartbeat doctorguest star
2005The ZoneGigi
2005Medical DetectivesSuet
2005 Revolving Doors of Vengeance Lee Hoi-sum
2006Love a FlameSiu Fong
2007-2008 Survivor's Law II Lily Suen
2008 Dressage To Win cashierguest star
2008This is My HomeYip Gong-on
2009Rooms to LetBee
2010Rooms to Let 2010Bee
2011 Only You Siu Shuk-chu
2011 Super Snoops Chow Kui-yeukIntroduced in Ep.3
2012 Highs and Lows Ko Hei Suen

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Malaysian Cantonese is a local variety of Cantonese spoken in Malaysia. It is the lingua franca among Chinese throughout much of the central portion of Peninsular Malaysia, being spoken in the capital Kuala Lumpur, southern Perak, Pahang, Selangor and Negeri Sembilan, it is also widely understood to varying degrees by many Chinese throughout the country, regardless of their ancestral dialect.


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