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Fordham University Press
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Parent company Fordham University
Country of origin United States
Headquarters location New York City, New York
Distribution Ingram Publisher Services (US) [1]
Combined Academic Publishers (UK) [2]
CoInfo (Australia)
Canadian Manda Group (Canada) [3]
Publication typesBook, Journals, DVDs
Nonfiction topics
  • Anthropology
  • philosophy
  • theology
  • history
  • classics
  • communications
  • economics
  • literature
  • sociology
  • business
  • political science
  • law
  • fine arts
Imprints Empire State Editions
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The Fordham University Press is a publishing house, a division of Fordham University, that publishes primarily in the humanities and the social sciences. Fordham University Press was established in 1907 and is headquartered at the university's Lincoln Center campus. It is the oldest Catholic university press in the United States, [4] and the seventh-oldest in the nation. [5]


It has been a member of the Association of American University Presses (AAUP) since 1938 and was a founding charter member of the Association of Jesuit University Presses (AJUP). [6] The press was established "not only to represent and uphold the values and traditions of the University itself, but also to further those values and traditions through the dissemination of scholarly research and ideas". [7]


Fordham University Press was established in 1907. After the close of the university's medical school in 1922, the press operated under the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences and began publishing textbooks in education, English, law, philosophy, and psychology. [5]

The press was headquartered in the Canisius Hall building in the Rose Hill campus for over 100 years. [8] In March 2017, the press relocated from its original headquarters at the university's Rose Hill campus in the Bronx to the Lincoln Center campus in Manhattan. [8]



Bestselling publications [9]

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