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George Eastman
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Eastman in Django, Prepare a Coffin (1968)
Luigi Montefiori

(1942-08-16) August 16, 1942 (age 78)
Years active1966-present

George Eastman (born Luigi Montefiori; August 16, 1942) is an Italian B-movie actor and screenwriter well known for his frequent collaborations with notorious director Joe D'Amato. He is most famous for his role as the insane, cannibalistic serial killer Klaus Wortmann in the gory 1980 horror film Antropophagus (aka The Grim Reaper). He also played a similar role in its 1981 follow-up, Absurd . Both films were directed by D'Amato and written by Eastman.



Eastman was born in 1942 in Genoa, Italy and studied at the Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia in Rome and at the Drama School held of Alessandro Fersen. [1] He took his Americanized alias "George Eastman" when he was cast as a "heavy" in many Spaghetti Westerns made in the late 1960s and early 1970s. In 1972 he played the villain in The Call of the Wild which starred Charlton Heston and was directed by Ken Annakin.

Eastman later became a regular performer in many movies directed by Joe D'Amato, for whom he also wrote many screenplays. Their first work together was Cormack of the Mounties (aka Giubbe Rosse) in 1975. [1]

He was a very familiar face in Italian B-cinema in the early 1980s, being generally cast as a villain, thanks to his towering height (he is 6'9" tall) and his dark and menacing looks. He co-starred in many Italian futuristic sci-fi films such as Bronx Warriors, The New Barbarians, Endgame, Ironmaster, 2020 Texas Gladiators and After the Fall of New York. His most famous movie is the gory horror film Anthropophagous , directed by Joe D'Amato in 1980, in which he played the monster. He also starred in D'Amato's Erotic Nights of the Living Dead, Porno Holocaust and Absurd (aka Anthropophagous 2).

Two of his greatest major villain roles were in Rabid Dogs (aka Kidnapped, 1974) and Blastfighter (1984). He appeared in Paramount's 1985 biblical film King David playing Goliath in David's childhood flashback scene. In 1986, he performed as Stefano in the movie Regalo di Natale , directed by Pupi Avati. He also wrote and directed the sci-fi film Metamorphosis/ DNA Formula Lethal [2] (produced by Joe D'Amato) in 1990, after which he quit acting to concentrate on his screenwriting. He is now a well regarded author in Italian television and only acts occasionally. (In 2003, he returned to acting in La rivincita di Natale , a film directed by Pupi Avati.)

Partial filmography

TitleYearCredited asRoleNotesRefs.
ActorScreenwriterStory author
Django Shoots First 1966YesJesse Kluster [3] [4]
My Name Is Pecos 1966YesMember of Kline's group [5] [6]
Django Kills Softly1967YesBill [7] [8]
The Last Killer YesRamon/Chico [7] [9]
Poker with Pistols YesLucas [10] [11]
Django, Prepare a Coffin 1968YesLucas [12] [13]
Bootleggers 1969YesMcGowan "The Irish" [14]
Fellini Satyricon YesThe Minotaur [15]
Bastard, Go and Kill 1971YesN/A [3]
Ben and Charlie 1972YesCharlie [16]
The Call of the Wild YesBlack Burton [17]
Baba Yaga 1973YesCharlie [18]
Scalawag YesDon Aragon [19]
Cormack of the Mounties 1975Yes [20]
Blood and Bullets 1976YesDan Caputo, "Knell" [21]
Keoma YesYes [22] [23]
Canne mozze 1977Yes [24]
Sesso nero 1980YesYesYesVoyakis [25]
Antropophagus YesYesNikos KaramanlisAlso producer [26] [27] [28]
Porno Holocaust 1981YesProfessor Lemoine [29] [30]
1990: The Bronx Warriors 1983YesN/A [31] [32]
Ironmaster YesVood [33] [34]
The New Barbarians YesOne [35] [36]
2019, After the Fall of New York YesBig Ape [37]
Blastfighter 1984YesTom [38] [39]
Delirium 1987YesAlex [40] [41]
The Barbarians YesJacko [42]
Il deserto del fuoco1997YesTelevision film [43]
Rabid Dogs 1974YesTrentadue / Thirty-two [44]
2020 Texas Gladiators N/AYesYes [45] [46]
Emanuelle's Revenge N/AYesCarlo [47] [48]
The Cobra N/AYesCrane [49]
Emanuelle Around the World N/AYes [50]
L'Inspettore GiustiN/AYes [51]
Master Stroke N/AYesWestern actor [52]


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