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Ghana Highway Authority
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  • Public Works Department
Headquarters Accra
Parent agency Ministry of Roads and Highways

The Ghana Highway Authority (GHA) was established as a body corporate by GHA Degree 1974 (NRCD 298). NRCD 298 was repealed by GHA Act 1997 (Act 540 ) which, however, continued the Authority in existence with responsibility for the administration, control, development and maintenance of the country's trunk road network totalling 13,367 km and related facilities. GHA's 13,367 km trunk roads make about 33% of Ghana's total road network of 40,186 km. [1] [2]



All the Divisions of the Authority are grouped under three (3) main Departments, namely;

Administration Department

This Department embraces 7 Divisions, namely;

There is an Internal Audit Division, that is directly responsible to the Chief Executive, but which for administration purposes, reports to the Deputy Chief Executive (Administration). [3]

Development Department

This Department embraces 7 Divisions, namely;

Maintenance Department

This Department embraces;

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Transport in Ghana is accomplished by road, rail, air and water. Ghana's transportation and communications networks are centered in the southern regions, especially the areas in which gold, cocoa, and timber are produced. The northern and central areas are connected through a major road system.

Transport in Tanzania includes road, rail, air and maritime networks. The road network is 86,472 kilometres (53,731 mi) long, of which 12,786 kilometres (7,945 mi) is classified as trunk road and 21,105 kilometres (13,114 mi) as regional road. The rail network consists of 3,682 kilometres (2,288 mi) of track. Commuter rail service is in Dar es Salaam only. There are 28 airports, with Julius Nyerere International being the largest and the busiest. Ferries connect Mainland Tanzania with the islands of Zanzibar. Several other ferries are active on the countries' rivers and lakes.

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Benchema-Nkatieso Village in Western Region, Ghana

Benchema and Nkatieso are neighboring villages in the Juabeso district, a district in the southwest quadrant of Western Region of Ghana, about 86 miles east of the Ivorian border.

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Accra Metropolitan District City and Metropolitan District in Ghana

The Accra Metropolitan District is one of the 254 Metropolitan, Municipal and Districts in Ghana, and among the 26 such districts in the Greater Accra Region with a population of 1,665,086 as of 2010. As of March 2018, it spans an area of approximately 60 km2 (23 sq mi) and encompasses the Ablekuma South, Ashiedu Keteke, and Okaikoi South sub-metropolitan district councils.

Department of Main Roads (New South Wales)

The Department of Main Roads (DMR) was an agency of the New South Wales Government, responsible for planning, constructing and maintaining major road infrastructure. The DMR directly managed highways and major roads and provided funding to local councils for regional and local roads. The agency was merged with other agencies to form the Roads & Traffic Authority in 1989.

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The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways is a ministry of the Government of India, that is the apex body for formulation and administration of the rules, regulations and laws relating to road transport, transport research and in also to increase the mobility and efficiency of the road transport system in India. Through its officers of Central Engineering Services (Roads) cadre it is responsible for the development of National Highways of the country. Road transport is a critical infrastructure for economic development of the country. It influences the pace, structure and pattern of development. In India, roads are used to transport over 60 percent of the total goods and 85 percent of the passenger traffic. Hence, development of this sector is of paramount importance for India and accounts for a significant part in the budget.

Builsa North (Ghana parliament constituency)

Builsa North is one of the constituencies represented in the Parliament of Ghana. It elects one Member of Parliament (MP) by the first past the post system of election. Builsa North is located in the Builsa district of the Upper East Region of Ghana.

Roads in Ghana form a network of varied quality and capacity. Responsibility for the road network differs between trunk and non-trunk routes. Trunk roads, which are the most important roads, are administered by the Ghana Highway Authority, which was established in 1974 to develop the trunk road network. Ghana's 13,367 km of trunk roads accounts for 33% of the total road network of 40,186 km. The Department of Feeder Roads is responsible for the construction and maintenance of feeder roads in Ghana, while responsibility for urban roads lies with the Department of Urban Roads.

Road network in Tamil Nadu

In Tamil Nadu, the Highways & Minor Ports Department (HMPD) is primarily responsible for construction and maintenance of roads including national highways, state highways and major district roads. HMPD was established as Highways Department (HD) in April 1946 and subsequently renamed on 30 October 2008. It operates through seven wings namely National Highways Wing, Construction & Maintenance Wing, NABARD and Rural Roads Wing, Projects Wing, Metro Wing, Tamil Nadu Road Sector Project Wing, Investigation and Designs Wing geographically spread across the state in 32 districts with about 120 divisions and 450 subdivisions.

Kerala Public Works Department

Kerala Public Works Department (KPWD) is a department under the government of the state of Kerala, India. It manages the construction and maintenance of civil structures owned by the government viz; government buildings, government owned hospitals, roads, bridges etc. The KPWD was formed in 1956 following reorganization of states.

The Ministry of Roads and Highways (MRH) is the Government of Ghana ministry responsible for road construction and road maintenance in Ghana.

The Zimbabwe National Roads Administration (ZINARA) is a Zimbabwean parastatal responsible for the management, maintenance and development of Zimbabwe's national road network.

The Indian Defence Estates Service is Civil Service in the Government of India. Its Cadre Controlling Authority (CCA) is the Ministry of Defence. Civil Services Examination conducted every year by Union Public Service Commission provides a gateway for entry into this service. The Service traces its origin to 16 December 1926 and has been constantly evolving since then. The service was initially known as the Military Lands and Cantonment Service (1926-1983), and then Defence Lands and Cantonment Service (1983-1985). In 1985, it was renamed as the Indian Defence Estates Service. The service is governed by the Indian Defence Estates Service Rules, 2013, where 75% intake is by direct recruitment and 25% by promotion.


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