Here Comes the Kraken

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Here Comes the Kraken
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HCTK Guadalajara Jalisco, Mexico. C3 Stage
Background information
Origin Aguascalientes, Mexico
Genres Deathcore, melodic death metal, technical death metal, nu metal [ citation needed ]
Years active2007–present
MembersTore González
Deivis González
Jose "TTS" Manuel

Here Comes the Kraken is a Mexican deathcore band from Aguascalientes, formed in 2007. They have released three full-length studio albums, two extended plays, and one demo.



The band was formed in 2007 by brothers Tore González (lead guitar) and Deivis González (drums). They later recruited José "TTS" Manuel on vocals, Alexandro Hernandez on bass and Alex Guardado on rhythm guitar. Their debut eponymous album (Here Comes The Kraken) was released in 2009, which was accompanied with an extensive tour in Mexico and Europe. They then followed this up with an EP entitled The Omen in 2010. Both of these releases shared a similar, very heavy death metal influenced sound.

In May 2010, they won at the Indie-O Music Award for "Metal Band of the Year". [1]

Musical style

The band's musical style is an extreme metal genre known as deathcore, mixing death metal and metalcore. [2] [3] [4] However, since the band's 2011 sophomore album Hate, Greed and Death, they have inducted nu metal influences into their music. [5] [3]


Current members

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Here Comes the Kraken



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