Hole in the Wall (Australian game show)

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Hole in the Wall
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Genre Game show
Presented by Jules Lund
Country of originAustralia
Original languageEnglish
No. of seasons1
No. of episodes8
Production locationMelbourne Central City Studios
Running time30 minutes (including commercials)
Original network Nine Network
Picture format 576i (SDTV)
1080i (HDTV)
Audio format Dolby Digital 5.1
Original release6 August (2008-08-06) 
17 September 2008 (2008-09-17)
Related shows Brain Wall
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Hole in the Wall was an Australian television game show hosted by Jules Lund, based on the Japanese game show Brain Wall . In the show, contestants are required to fit though holes in a polystyrene wall that moves towards them.


Produced by FremantleMedia, the show began airing on the Nine Network from 6 August 2008. [1] [2]


The show follows a similar format as the British version, and uses the same music package.

Each episode features two teams consisting of three celebrity contestants, with each team competing for a charity. The contestants, fitted with hard hats and spandex, stand on a rectangular strip called the "Play Area" as a polystyrene wall moves towards them. The aim is to assume a position that will best allow their bodies to fit through a shape or a number of shapes cut into the wall. The wall measures 4 metres (13 ft) by 2.3 metres (7.5 ft) and travels along a 15 metres (49 ft) straight path that approaches at varying speeds. If contestants fail to fit through the hole, they are pushed back into a 1.5 metres (4.9 ft) deep pool of water behind them.

The game consists of four rounds plus a final round that decides the winner. The first round has three contestants on the strip. A point is awarded to each contestant who fits through the hole. The second round has two contestants. For two points to be awarded, both contestants must fit through the hole.

The third round is variable in the number of players and the scenario played, differing in each episode. For example, scenarios have included facing the wall blindfolded, being forced to rely on the studio audience to guide a contestant, and facing the wall with either a prop or a guest contestant. These guests have included members of the audience and Jules Lund himself. The fourth round sees all three contestants having to face a wall traveling at double speed. Five points are awarded if all contestants fit through the hole, but otherwise no points are scored.

The last round has the team with the most points being given the choice of either facing the wall or forcing the other team to do so. In the event of a tie, a coin toss determines which team has control. The winner is based on the success of the team that is chosen to face the wall. This brings up controversy since all the points accumulated are worth nothing and the winner of the last round wins the whole show. [3]

Whichever team wins the show earns $10,000 for a charity of their choice, depending on whichever team won the show. [3]

German TV company RTL Television, broadcast two episodes of a spin-off called Ab durch die Wand in 2008, then it was cancelled.



Episode 1: Split Enz and the Frasier (6 August 2008)

Audience: 1.555 million [4]

Cameron Lewis (captain)
Darla Forrester ""
Rodrick Heffley
Split Enz
Anthony Silvestrini (captain)
Karla Mosley
Christel Khalil
Round 1Anthony assumes the left position standing up, Christen the middle position lying down on his back with legs curled back and Karla the right position standing up, although none assume the correct position by the time the wall approaches. They are pushed into the water as the middle section of the wall clear (3)All in a sitting position, Darla assumes the front position facing ahead, Cameron the middle position facing ahead and Rodrick the back position facing to the left. Rodrick and Cameron make it through but Darla is pushed into the water on account of facing to the left instead of straight ahead like the other two. (1)
Round 2Darla and Cameron play in round 2. The wall is revealed and Tim, seeing the difficulty of the approaching wall, turns around and jumps into the water voluntarily, leaving Mark on the Play Area. With one player left, the wall seems easy to get through but Mark assumes a slightly angled stance and is pushed into the water. (0)Christen and Karla play in round 2. They stand back-to-back, with Brodie on the left and Kelly on the right and get Clear in the wall and are carried away by it. The wall stops above the water and they are both still attached. (2)
Round 3Cameron & Rodrick play in round 3, with Cameron And Rodrick Holdinga Tennis Rackets on the left and Cameron crouching down on the right. Rodrick makes it through and Cameron & Rodrick gets Clear The wall (2)Karla and Anthony play in round 3. Anthony holds an oversized cricket bat on the left and stands on the right. Both make it through. (3)
Round 4All standing up, Rodrick assumes the left position, Darla the middle and Cameron the right. The wall breaks in half and Mark and Tim make it through but Rodrick is pushed into the water. If it weren't for the wall breaking, it is likely that Darla and Cameron would have also been pushed into the water. (0)All standing up, Anthony assumes the left position, Karla the middle and Christen the right. All three attempt to jump through: Anthoney gets Clear and is carried away by the wall, Karla lands hard on the Play Area Win and clear into the play area and Christen lands very hard on the Play Area and makes it through. (3)
Points total05
Final roundThe split Enz win by default.Darla Is pushing through the Water Frasier Loses

Episode 2: NRL vs AFL (27 August 2008)

Audience: 1.188 million [5]

Paul "Fatty" Vautin
Paul "Chief" Harragon
Matty Johns
Garry Lyon
James Brayshaw
Billy Brownless
Round 1(2)(2)
Round 2(0)(0)
Round 3(0)(0)
Round 4(0)(5)
Points total27
Final round

Episode 3: Battle of the Sexes (3 September 2008)

Audience: 1.143 million [6]

Richard Reid
Jason Dundas
Luke Jacobz
Giaan Rooney
Jaynie Seal
Bianca Dye
Round 1(1)(2)
Round 2Players: Jason, Luke (2)Players: Giaan, Jaynie (0)
Round 3(0)(0)
Round 4(2)(0)
Points total32
Final roundGirls win by default.

Episode 4: TV Stars vs Radio Stars (10 September 2008)

Audience: 1.145 million [7]

Also known as 'Blondes vs Brunettes'

Round 1(2)(1)
Round 2(0)(0)
Round 3(0)(0)
Round 4(5)(5)
Points total76
Final round

Episode 5:Actors vs Reality (17 September 2008)

Audience: 1.040 million [8]

Ian Stenlake
Kate Kendall
Simon Westaway
Brodie Young
Sara-Marie Fedele
Zach Douglas
Round 1(2)(1)
Round 2(0) Ian Stenlake Simon Westaway (0) Brodie Young Sara-Marie Fedele
Round 3(0) Kate Kendall (0) Brodie Young
Round 4(0)(0)
Points total(2)(1)
Final round




The search for a host for Hole in the Wall was tough for producers, with a late withdrawal of the hosting job meaning another search had to be made in the last weeks before recordings began. [9] Quite a number of personalities had auditioned for the hosting role, including Colin Lane, Jason Dundas, Jules Lund, Shura Taft and Dan O'Connor. [9] It was believed that Shura Taft had landed the job when he was in the hosting role for early recordings of the show. [10] Taft was in fact a stand-in host for early production shoots to trial the shows' format while producers were still finding a suitable host. [11] Lund was eventually named as the host, [12] several weeks after actual recordings were scheduled to start. [12]


Hole in the Wall began recording episodes in mid-May 2008, after being delayed from late April 2008 at Melbourne Central City Studios at the Docklands. The pre-show buzz was highlighted when bigger studio audiences than anticipated turned up at the first shoots and some had to be turned away. [13] [14] The later episodes' audience numbers were adjusted to cater for the overwhelming demand. [13]

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