Home (The Wilkinsons album)

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Studio album by The Wilkinsons
Released March 20, 2007
Genre Country
Label Fontana North
Producer Steve Wilkinson
David Kalmusky
Russ Zavitson
The Wilkinsons chronology
Greatest Hits... And Then Some

Home is the fifth and final studio album by the Canadian country music group The Wilkinsons, released on March 20, 2007. Five singles were released from the album: "Six Pack", "Fast Car", "Papa Come Quick", "Nobody Died" and "Closets".

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The Wilkinsons

The Wilkinsons was a Canadian country music trio from Trenton, Ontario. Founded in 1997, the group consisted of lead singer Amanda Wilkinson, her brother Tyler Wilkinson, and their father, Steve Wilkinson. The Wilkinsons achieved success late in 1998 with the hit single "26 Cents", a Number One on the Canadian country music charts and Top 5 hit on the U.S. Billboard Hot Country Singles & Tracks charts. It was followed by "Fly ", also a No. 1 in Canada. A second album, Here and Now, produced the group's last American top 40 hit in "Jimmy's Got a Girlfriend". Afterward, the trio recorded three more albums, one of which was not released, and a Greatest Hits package.


Track listing

  1. "Fast Car" (Tracy Chapman) - 3:48
  2. "Trees" (Steve Wilkinson, Rob Crosby) - 3:27
  3. "Solitary Tear" (S. Wilkinson, Charlie Craig) - 3:26
  4. "Closets" (S. Wilkinson, Gary Burr) - 3:42
  5. "Papa Come Quick" (Billy Vera, Chip Taylor, Maurice Richard Hirsch) - 2:41
  6. "I Wish It Would Rain" (S. Wilkinson, Craig) - 3:23
  7. "Dying to Start Living" (S. Wilkinson, Crosby) - 3:39
  8. "Home" (S. Wilkinson, Amanda Wilkinson, Tyler Wilkinson) - 3:39
  9. "Six Pack" (S. Wilkinson, Tony Haselden) - 3:42
  10. "I Want to Fall Asleep in Your Arms" (S. Wilkinson, Crosby) - 3:56
  11. "Under the Rainbow" (S. Wilkinson, Crosby, Phillip White) - 3:16
  12. "Big Pockets" (S. Wilkinson, Craig) - 3:32
  13. "Thank You" (S. Wilkinson, William Wallace) - 3:53
  14. "Nobody Died" (Haselden) - 3:06

Album notes


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