Human Distortion

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Human Distortion
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EP by
Genre Punk Jazz, electronic
Label Digital Hardcore Recordings (DHR)
Producer Kevin Martin
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When All Else Fails...
Human Distortion

Human Distortion is an EP / MCD by 16-17, released in 1998 through Digital Hardcore Recordings (DHR).

Digital Hardcore Recordings record label

Digital Hardcore Recordings (DHR) is a record label set up in 1994 by Alec Empire, Joel Amaretto and Pete Lawton. Most of the music is recorded in Berlin, though the label is based in London where the records are mastered and manufactured. The funds for setting up the label came from the payment which Atari Teenage Riot received for their aborted record deal with the major UK record label Phonogram Records.


Track listing

All music composed by Alex Buess and Kevin Martin.



Alex Buess experimental musician and composer

Alex Buess is a Swiss composer, saxophone player, producer and sound artist born in 1954 in Basel (CH).

Saxophone type of musical instrument of the woodwind family

The saxophone is a family of woodwind instruments. Saxophones are usually made of brass and played with a single-reed mouthpiece similar to that of the clarinet. Although most saxophones are made from brass, they are categorized as woodwind instruments, because sound is produced by an oscillating reed, traditionally made out of woody cane, rather than lips vibrating in a mouthpiece cup as with the brass instrument family. As with the other woodwinds, the pitch of the note being played is controlled by covering holes in the body tube to control the resonant frequency of the air column by changing the effective length of the tube.

Kevin Martin (British musician) English dubstep musician

Kevin Martin is a musician, record producer and journalist, often known under his recording alias The Bug from England, UK. Martin moved from Weymouth to London around 1990 and is now currently based in Berlin, Germany. He has been active for over two decades, in the genres of dub, jazzcore, industrial hip hop, dancehall, and dubstep.


AllMusic staff writer William York writes: "the Human Distortion EP, which appeared in 1998 on Alec Empire's Digital Hardcore label sounded like the work of a completely different band..." [1] From the DHR production notes: [2] "Noisy industrial tech-step before everyone else tried to copy the style. Outstanding release on DHR!"

AllMusic Online music database

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Production and additional personnel

Release history

Europe 1998 Digital Hardcore Recordings (DHR) EP DHR 19
Europe 1998Digital Hardcore Recordings (DHR) CD DHR MCD 19

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