I Believed in You

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I Believed in You
I Believed in You.jpg
Directed by Irving Cummings
Screenplay by William M. Conselman
Story by William Anthony McGuire
Starring Rosemary Ames
John Boles
Victor Jory
Gertrude Michael
George Meeker
Leslie Fenton
Cinematography Barney McGill
Edited by Alfred DeGaetano
Music by Samuel Kaylin
Distributed byFox Film Corporation
Release date
  • February 23, 1934 (1934-02-23)
Running time
69 minutes
CountryUnited States

I Believed in You is a 1934 American pre-Code drama film directed by Irving Cummings and written by William M. Conselman. The film stars Rosemary Ames, John Boles, Victor Jory, Gertrude Michael, George Meeker and Leslie Fenton. The film was released on February 23, 1934, by Fox Film Corporation. [1] [2] [3]




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