If Youth But Knew

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If Youth But Knew is a 1926 British silent romance film directed by George A. Cooper and starring Godfrey Tearle, Lillian Hall-Davis and Wyndham Standing. [1] It is a love story spanning two generations. It was made at Southall Studios.



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The Last Journey is a 1936 British drama film directed by Bernard Vorhaus and starring Godfrey Tearle, Hugh Williams and Judy Gunn.

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Godfrey Tearle British actor

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Many Waters is a 1931 British romance film directed by Milton Rosmer and starring Lillian Hall-Davis, Arthur Margetson and Elizabeth Allan. It was based on a play by Monckton Hoffe. An elderly couple reminisce about the romantic adventures of their youth. It was the last film of actress Lillian Hall-Davis, a star of the silent era, who committed suicide in 1933.

Married Love is a 1923 British silent drama film directed by Alexander Butler and starring Lillian Hall-Davis, Rex Davis and Sydney Fairbrother. It was also known by the alternative titles Married Life and Maisie's Marriage. The film was loosely based on the 1918 non-fiction book Married Love by Marie Stopes.

Fancy Dress is a 1919 British silent comedy film directed by Kenelm Foss and starring Godfrey Tearle, Ivy Duke and Guy Newall. A lawyer hires a strolling player to impersonate an aristocrat.

Nobody's Child is a 1919 British silent film directed by George Edwardes Hall from his own play The Whirlpool. The film was made by British and Colonial Film and ran for 5 reels. The cast included Jose Collins as Francesco Samarjo, Godfrey Tearle as Ernest d'Alvard, Ben Webster as Joseph Samarjo, Christine Maitland as Countess Akhea, J. Fisher White as Baron Troejfer, Saba Raleigh as Baroness d'Alvard.

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<i>The Common Law</i> (1923 film) 1923 film directed by George Archainbaud

The Common Law is a 1923 American silent drama film directed by George Archainbaud and starring Corinne Griffith and Conway Tearle. Based upon the novel of the same name by Robert William Chambers, the film was produced and released by Selznick Pictures Corporation.

<i>The Common Law</i> (1916 film) 1916 film by Albert Capellani

The Common Law is a 1916 American silent drama film directed by Albert Capellani and starring Clara Kimball Young, Conway Tearle, and Paul Capellani. It was made at Fort Lee and distributed by the newly formed Selznick Pictures. Shortly afterwards the company switched production to Hollywood.

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Osmond Tearle

Osmond Tearle was an English actor. He set up a touring company that performed in the provinces of England; he also appeared in America. He was known for Shakespearean roles, particularly Hamlet.


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