Is It Safe?

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Is It Safe?
Studio album by
Label Atlantic (US), WEA
Producer Ph.D.
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Is It Safe?

Is It Safe? is the 1983 second album from Ph.D. It would be their last album until 2009's comeback Three.
Is It Safe? will be reissued shortly by Voiceprint Records in 2010.
Drummer Simon Philips had quit the band, which now consisted solely of Jim Diamond and Tony Hymas. The album's opening track I Didn't Know failed to chart in Britain, but was a hit across Europe.


Certain later pressings of the album also feature the band's signature song I Won't Let You Down at the end of Side 1, which was originally released on their eponymous 1981 debut album Ph.D.

"Fifth of May" was re-recorded for Three.

Track listing

All songs written by Jim Diamond and Tony Hymas.

Side A

1. "I Didn't Know" 4:32

2. "Pretty Ladies" 3:25

3. "Johnny" 3:31

4. "Shotgun Romance" 3:26

5. "Changing Partners" 3:43

Side B

6. "No Right To Be Sad" 3:59

7. "Fifth Of May" 5:07

8. "No Happy Endings" 4:11

9. "Beautiful Day" 5:09

10. "New York City" 2:26


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