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Johan Petersson
Johan Petersson 2016-05-19 001.jpg
Johan Petersson in 2016
Born (1969-02-10) 10 February 1969 (age 51)
Malmö, Sweden
Nationality Swedish
OccupationTelevision presenter, Author, Comedian

Johan Petersson, (born 10 February 1969) is a Swedish comedian, actor, television presenter and author.


Petersson started his career in 1992 when presenting the Disney Club (Disneyklubben) which was broadcast on SVT, this along with Alice Bah Kuhnke and Eva Röse. [1] Between 1994 and 1995, Petersson along with Mia Ståhl Broborg and Nicke Wagemyr participated in the Apolloteaterns play Ståmatålmannen. [2] He never himself applied to stage school but went to summer theater school class in 1996. There he met Peter Settman and Fredde Granberg, this led to several TV productions together. [3] In 2006, Petersson wrote three children's books with the miniseries Den sista snapphanen. He used the name Johan F. Petersson on his published books. [4]

He presented the Swedish version of "Hole in the Wall" on TV6 in 2009, and "Jag vet vad du gjorde förra lördagen" on TV3, also in 2009. [5] In later years Petersson has acted in several comedy shows on Kanal 5, like, Cafe Bärs, Partaj and Helt perfekt. [6]

In 2018, he acted in the children's film Hotell Gyllene Knorren – filmen. [7] In 2017, he had a leading role in the children's film Monky. [8]


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