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Julie Ruin
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Julie Ruin (Kathleen Hanna)
ReleasedAugust 11, 1997
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Julie Ruin is the independent solo debut album by Kathleen Hanna under the name Julie Ruin in 1997, recorded while taking a break from Bikini Kill. [2] Hanna recalled:


[It] was made as Bikini Kill was in breaking up, a guy who worked across the street from my apartment building was stalking me and I was being treated, in my own community, like a historical oddity. The solo record helped me remember that I was just a fucking person who liked being creative. [3]

She cited two albums, Girl Talk [4] by Lesley Gore and Delete Yourself [5] by Atari Teenage Riot, among the inspirations for hers. In addition to feminism, it touches upon crocheting, aerobics and resisting police abuse. It was mostly produced in Hanna's apartment in Olympia, Washington. She declared:

Girls' bedrooms sometimes can be this space of real creativity. The problem is that these bedrooms are all cut off from each other. I wanted the Julie Ruin record to sound like a girl from her bedroom made this record but then didn't just throw it away or it wasn't just in her diary but she took it out and shared it with people. [6]

Hanna started collaborating with her friends Sadie Benning and Johanna Fateman to create a live band to perform songs from the album. This group would go on to become Le Tigre. [7]

In December 2010, Hanna and former Bikini Kill bandmate Kathi Wilcox formed a band called The Julie Ruin. [8]

Track listing

1."Radical or Pro-Parental"2:15
3."A Place Called Won't Be There"2:52
6."Apt. #5"3:13
7."My Morning Is Summer"3:15
8."I Wanna Know What Love Is"3:36
9."The Punk Singer"2:07
10."On Language"2:06
13."Stay Monkey"2:56
14."Breakout a Town"2:22
15."Love Letter"3:08


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