Keith Fenton

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Keith Fenton
Born (1960-06-19) June 19, 1960 (age 60)
Curling club Deer Lodge CC, [1]
Assiniboine Memorial CC,
Winnipeg, MB
Member AssociationFlag of Manitoba.svg  Manitoba
Brier appearances2: (1995, 2001)
World Championship
1 (1995)

Keith Fenton (born June 19, 1960) is a Canadian curler.


He is a 1995 World Men's champion [2] and a 1995 Labatt Brier champion.



1993–94 Jeff Ryan Dave Iverson Keith Fenton Terry Henry [4]
1994–95 Kerry Burtnyk Jeff Ryan Rob Meakin Keith Fenton Denis Fillion Brier 1995 Gold medal icon.svg
WCC 1995 Gold medal icon.svg
1996–97Kerry BurtnykJeff RyanRob MeakinKeith Fenton
1997–98Kerry BurtnykJeff RyanRob MeakinKeith Fenton Scott Grant COCT 1997 (4th)
1999–00Kerry BurtnykJeff RyanRob MeakinKeith Fenton
2000–01Kerry BurtnykJeff RyanRob MeakinKeith Fenton Andy Hick Brier 2001 Silver medal icon.svg
2001–02Kerry BurtnykJeff RyanRob MeakinKeith FentonAndy Hick COCT 2001 Silver medal icon.svg
Kerry BurtnykJeff Ryan Rob Fowler Keith Fenton
2002–03Kerry BurtnykJeff RyanRob FowlerKeith Fenton
2003–04Kerry Burtnyk Ken Tresoor Rob FowlerKeith Fenton CC 2004 (4th)
2004–05Kerry BurtnykKen TresoorRob FowlerKeith Fenton CC 2005 (4th)
2005–06 Dave Boehmer Ken Tresoor Pat Spiring Keith Fenton
2007–08 Vic Peters Ken Tresoor Chris Neufeld Keith Fenton
2008–09Vic PetersKen TresoorChris NeufeldKeith Fenton

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