Khalid Tighazouine

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Khalid Tighazouine (born 18 June 1977) is a Moroccan middle distance runner who specializes in the 800 metres.


His personal best time over the distance is 1:45.27 minutes, achieved in September 2001 in Beijing.

In July 2004 Tighazouine tested positive for the drug nandrolone, and received a suspension from the IAAF which lasted until July 2006. [1] [2]


Representing Flag of Morocco.svg  Morocco
2001 World Championships Edmonton, Canada 7th800 m
Mediterranean Games Radès, Tunisia 2nd800 m
Jeux de la Francophonie Ottawa, Canada 1st800 m
World Student Games Beijing, PR China 1st800 m
2002 African Championships Radès, Tunisia 5th800 m

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