Lancashire Luck

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Lancashire Luck
Directed by Henry Cass
Written by Ronald Gow (story)
A.R. Rawlinson (writer)
Produced by Anthony Havelock-Allan
Starring Wendy Hiller,
Nigel Stock
Cinematography Francis Carver
Distributed by British & Dominions Film Corporation
Release date
  • 12 November 1937 (1937-11-12)
Running time
74 minutes
CountryUnited Kingdom

Lancashire Luck is a 1937 British comedy film directed by Henry Cass. [1] It is notable as the film debut of Wendy Hiller, and the first credited appearance of Nigel Stock. [2] [3]



The film is set around the paterfamilia of the Lovejoy family in Lancashire winning a large sum on the pools. With this windfall he buys a small tea-shop in a more upper-class section of their town, and generally lives the high life. His daughter falls in love with an aristocratic visitor to the shop but her mother stands in her way until all is happily resolved by the end.


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